Someone Should Tell The President To Stop Trying To Save Face

Attempts At This Is Futile

credit Google Commons

Current calculus theory holds that credibility is not a function of past actions or reputation, but rather a function of a country’s present capabilities and interests in a particular situation.

Someone needs to inform President Trump that his reputation along with his flunkies and supporters has already preceded them and he need not make empty threats or encourage rogue nations to carry out their threats to save face in order to whitewash a domestically tarnished reputation.

The logic of reputational credibility can only ever lead to the same conclusion: toward the use of American military force abroad, even in cases where there is no clear reason to intervene and where the downsides of intervention would seem to outweigh the upsides. It is a compass that only points in one direction. — Jennifer Lind, International Security Studies Forum, Dartmouth University

Unnecessary violence.



It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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