Sometimes it [be] our own people…

Really folks this shouldn’t be up for debate. In no uncertain terms, Newman has spoken glowingly about Donald Trump before and after his campaign without hesitation or much thought, right up until the writing of her book.

We saw her chirp her way to being granted this White House perch. A perch provided to her for us to bear witness and conceive as her deserving achievement as the exception to her race. 🤨

Now that said perch has been effectively removed this chick has come home to roost.

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yeah, we know!
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Why some would want to give her credit (when no credit is due or earned) is beyond me. Manigault Newman has never earned the intracultural trust from her perceived membership with being a minority, more specifically of the Black diaspora. We tend to inherently develop this trust based on this superficiality, which leads us to becoming vulnerable to…

now wait for it…

cultural betrayal.

What some of us don’t realize or want to admit is that this culminates to another form of trauma Newman has been perpetrating into this of cultural betrayal. Heck, she has even betrayed certain #wokewhitepeople.

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The condition of being oppressed, discriminated against and marginalized is the first condition of collective trauma we face as racially Black every damn day. The cultural betrayal is the second.

What I can admit is that Newman, seemingly driven by opportunism, is able to obfuscate the fact that she performs this cultural betrayal unawareness very well — for mainly her predominantly White audience and her Black sympathizers and or the Omarosa reality star apologists.

I really didn’t want to have to go there, but since we are already on our way let’s buckle our seats for this tumultuous ride.

This piece was inspired by a discussion with Derek Womble. My gratitudes to you sir.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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