Spiritually therapeutic read my friend.

Some of these questions which are either borne out of skepticism or sarcasm can be attributed to a frame of reference that is assumed to be a valid one. Religious texts like the Bible, Quran, Torah, Rig Veda, etc., are based on a stream of consciousness expressed on a set of principles that date back to civilizations of antiquity.

These civilizations did not take into account our inevitable evolution of thought, civility, and ideas that are indicative of our advancement during these historical stages. It is the one thing that we are certainly predisposed to do which is to evolve.

These scriptures also observingly have political implications or dictates that reveal social stratifications — which manifests itself in dehumanizing or unGodly ways. The religious contexts are bereft of scientific understanding (a very integral aspect of the veracity of God) and thus presented as supernatural — something useful when it comes to weaponizing fear.

God is indefinable and unfathomable — just like coming back from the dead to tell what that was actually like. God cannot be rationally perceived as having any quality or characteristic presupposed on our existence. No mere human can explicably determine whether via dreams, or divinity, or through the dissemination of some really popular books about what science can hardly, or ever explain — no matter how long human existence can or is able to persist. To me happenstance and God’s Hand are not opposites, they are one and the same — both concepts cannot be explained or accounted for.

I don’t fault people for trying though, but I do fault those who elevate themselves or their in-groups in the process (religiosity)as having some superior insight on the premise — then using it to kill, maim, subjugate, or segregate from others. To marginalize others (of whom are apparently of God’s creation too) with that faulty insight and assumption is contradictory and idiotic. I find it far easier to respect women and treat them as inherent equals rather than spend invaluable time and valuable resources to marginalize their presence — paradoxically, or better yet attempt to diminish our duality.

That duality is easily overstood when you realize how interconnected, interdependent and complementary we are with respect to gender and human persistence. Humanity.

My views are far from the realm of atheism but align more with agnosticism that doesn’t force/right a natural order by placing any group or faith ahead of any similar groups or faiths that are too circumscribed by the same humanity. What I have reliably been able to subscribe to is that we are interdependent upon one another because of our own undefinable and unfathomable status of being human.

Keep spreading that love Clay.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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