Stephanie Jo Kent, as with most of my contributions on Medium, I can hear the deafening spiral of silence surrounding your post on this matter. I appreciate you writing this. Allow me to shatter that silence.

I have read about this white fragility, I also witness it regularly and have felt the injustice and insouciance of it through a discernible empathy and lack thereof for minorities, specifically at those within the Black diaspora. If ignorance is bliss then this is a perfect example, because any possibility to explore and mitigate the stressors surrounding racial hostility and strife falls on deaf ears and closed minds.

And so from the implacability of white fragility emanates this white fog and the predisposition of ignorance it carries. What seems to get drowned out by politicians, resentful folk, the national media and its Manichean portrayals is the need to dismantle unsustainable and runaway inequality. A prefabrication of white and black, the goodness and warmth of light against the terrible, cold of darkness as it pertains to human attributes must be unlearned and disassociated. A mere apology or acknowledgement just won’t fix these broken institutions and its lobbied influence, nor would the surrender or sacrifice of true identity be warranted. It would be more plausible if the false identity of whiteness — and the scam it inherently carries, were discarded for humanity to prevail.

In this way, appropriate whiteness, which most whites would feel offended or incited by and regard as political correctness would not be necessary, even if it is merely a guide to racial equality and appropriate human behavior and interaction. The overreliance of race under the social construct has become a human stumbling block, and an unqualified means to an end. Our humanity — its persistence and resilience relies more so on the appreciation of our diversity and what it proffers. The essence of Humanity is definitely not one-sided.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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