Still Haven’t Impeached Him Yet, Huh!?!?

Mr. Trump does realize that America isn’t suppose to be like Russia, or China, nor North Korea, right?!

Seriously, at least one of his aides informed him of this. Am I right? Anyone?

Nobody seems unequivocally puzzled, alarmed, and dismayed by this…

So on Tuesday, (Jan. 29, 2019) the directors of our intelligence agencies which include the CIA, FBI, and NSA had delivered what is normally the annual assessments of national security to U.S. lawmakers. Notably among those delivering remarks were the Director of National Intelligence Daniel Coates, CIA Director Gina Haspel and FBI Director Christopher Wray seen here testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Capitol Hill.

Based on CIA director Haspel’s testimony and assessment of Iran and its pursuit of nuclear weapons she said they were in compliance at this very moment even after Trump reneged on the deal.

“At the moment, technically, they are in compliance,” Haspel said of the 2015 deal between Iran and world powers meant to prevent Tehran from pursuing nuclear weapons.

“We do see them debating amongst themselves as they’ve failed to realize the economic benefits they hoped for from the deal,” Haspel added.

Mr. Coates?

“[W]e do not believe Iran is currently undertaking the key activities we judge necessary to produce a nuclear device,” Coats said. And while Trump is correct that the sanctions he re-imposed on Iran in November will not help “there” economy, a downturn will only cause its leaders to, as Coats said, “push the boundaries” of the nuclear restrictions.

Asked by reporters Thursday if he still has confidence in Coats and CIA Director Gina Haspel to give him good advice, Trump responded, “No, I disagree with certain things that they have said.”

“I think I’m right, but time will prove that,” Truimp added. “Time will prove me right, probably.”

Mr. President, do not bomb the people of Iran. Do not seek to wage a war on Iran and its government at the expense of innocent people trying to eke out a living and pursue some happiness in life. Do not seek the destruction of the Iranian people’s dignity and cultural persistence as they are inalienably a part of our humanity.

“China and Russia are more aligned than at any point since the mid-1950s,” the report warns.

That relationship is only likely to strengthen as both Moscow and Beijing attempt to take advantage of what they see as a growing U.S. unilateralism, it added.

Officials say that is already playing out in Europe where both countries find openings, as traditional U.S. allies question Washington’s role and consider new partnerships.

The threat assessment, while not mentioning the Trump administration’s focus on “America First” policies or its repeated criticism of alliances like NATO, cautions that many of these U.S. allies are already “seeking greater independence from Washington in response to their perceptions of changing U.S. policies on security and trade.”

At the same time, China and Russia appear to be benefiting from different approaches.

What happened to the general who held the position of Defense Secretary you affectionately call ‘Mad Dog’?

He went after former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, rewriting the history of their split. While Mr. Mattis resigned in protest of the president’s decision to pull out of Syria, Mr. Trump insisted that he pushed the secretary out. “I wasn’t happy with the job that he was doing at all,” he said. “And I said, ‘It’s time.’ That’s why in the letter he wrote, ‘You have to have your own choice.’ The reason he said that was because I said, ‘You’re just not my choice.’”

Mr. President, speaking on behalf of the popular vote, I urge you to humble yourself among those whose experience and expertise can offer objective deliberation and dispassionate rationale when focusing on sustainable peace in the world.

As a citizen of the United States I ask that you and your administration take heed to this message and reconsider this schismatic approach to governance and in good faith readjust your thinking to accommodate the American populace as a whole and not the narcissistic supply that feeds your malignant narcissism and its impulses.

That is all.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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