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Trump supporters, both visible and discreet, you should all be ashamed of yourselves. This is your shameless attempt at undoing America’s democracy and progress with your deep-seated resentment and stark ethnocentrism being played out through politics on the global stage. Your intolerance for racial equality and repudiation of the primordial contributions of how America has become greater over time is actually the greatest threat to its national security.

The racial resentment is profound as it is both glaring and indiscreet, reflecting more pointedly in current polling trends. The vitriolic and fearful mood towards the acceptance of— a challenged status quo that historically was a source of unchallenged privilege — becoming a more inclusive democracy over time, especially within this era of the Obama Administration is provocatively disturbing. The crude and reckless party politics that transformed the upcoming presidential election cycle has inspired a reversionist state of protectionism that historically has contributed to being the precursor to many of the catastrophic wars played out on earth.

The shameless have also hearkened the spirit of McCarthyism, initiated by and now run amok by a disjointed Republican party. They may have unwittingly summoned the antebellum convention of Trump supporters of whom vehemently praise and rabidly support a candidate that makes baseless, vile accusations and insults towards women, minorities and political oppositions, followed by a series of contradictions when called out. The only riposte that remains consistent from Trump is that he’s winning, without shame. The supporters in turn say “Trump tells it like it is”, but more indicatively what it is, is just a damn shame.

This is why you now have the preemptive Republican presidential nominee decidedly crowning himself as the unbridled coming of the first novelty King of the United States. The fence-sitters and opposition are in complete denial that this could be a possibility. This in contrast of the gerrymandered transition from a democrat-held majority in the House and Senate to a republican-held majority House and Senate that began within two years of when the first black elected democrat took the highest office. Although they see supporters within a party that is fed up with the political subterfuge that accompanies the more usual brand of republican leadership, which is quite telling of what belies that notion, the uninformed choice in Donald Trump makes this even more unsettling, because he is surely not the lesser of two evils.

“I know everyone won’t like everything I do, but I’m not running to be everyone’s favorite president,” Mr. Trump said. “Things are seriously wrong in this country. People are hurting, business is hurting. I’m running to move quickly to make big changes.”

Many on the shameless right have bought into the idea that Trump and the Trump brand would be good for the United States. An off the cuff real estate tycoon that they don’t fathom as just fortuitously lucky, but as a savvy businessman (in high-end real estate or underperforming and failed casinos) based on the way he has expanded his multi-million dollar inheritance. If Trump’s hotels are any indication of what America’s makeover will look like then the ornate back and gold gaudy trim that would deck the halls of the White House might be a good indication.

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Trump and the Trump brand is marketed primarily on status quo bias, a perception that the country has been led off-course by the Obama Administration and is now suffering from tremendous economic and foreign policy losses. Losses which are baseless and are increasingly undefinable and unquantifiable, but is backed by a nativist spirit of emotions coming from republicans and their tea party groups. For those nostalgic shameless Americans, it is a welcoming sign that Trump wants America to become great again, and only a bold, braggadocios leader can get the country back on this reverse course.

The Author Senses Eye Rolling From the Shameless

Let’s take the shameless return back to when America was allegedly great. We can do this by reestablishing the dominant culture norms of that past. This is any point in time when underrepresentations and or misrepresentations of minorities were more pronounced. More precisely it is the time thereafter the Cold War. According to Trump it has been nothing but a series of foreign policy disasters since then.

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But the real problem stems from the chart above. The perception is that the dominant culture’s privilege and influence seems to be waning. According to the Pew Research Center, Americans are becoming more “racially and ethnically diverse than in the past” and it will only get better unless of course Trump holds office and implements his plans for reversing course. This provides the impetus for the furtive moment of ethnocentrism to take place although cloaked with contradictions.

Prior to the Obama Administration it was seemingly an ideal time and the sentiments are rife in all the political dog-whistling that Trump has publicly espoused. This is what eventually got him to the point of the republican presidential candidacy. This ethnocentrism and its perception is what they long for in an environment wherein everyone knew their place and played their role under the racial constructs prescribed to them by a more dominant white culture. Halting Muslim and Mexican immigration would provide instant gratification by outright visa bans, and the construction of an enormous wall that Mexico will have to pay for has become a top priority.

“Bilateral talks with Mexico would start pretty quickly on the wall, and I would have chief executives into the Oval Office soon, too,” he said. “The Oval Office would be an amazing place to negotiate. It would command immediate respect from the other side, immediate understanding about the nation’s priorities.”

This is how the shameless would like to undo America’s progressive democracy and descend it into a depravity by way of reintroducing public cartels and then taking it global, by doing “what is best for America” and putting “America first” through the eyes and leadership of Trump. The presumptive nominee has essentially crafted in his mind a foreign policy that resembles political clientelism, but on a global scale. He has suggested that certain countries seek out nuclear weapons for their own protection of sovereignty and if they don’t have such capacity they will have to pay for US security. The worldview here is likened to how the mafia has operated in the United States, with Trump as the Godfather.

Trump’s shameless foreign policy speech identities five main weaknesses, starting with one which is utterly and completely false.

“First, our resources are totally over extended. President Obama has weakened our military by weakening our economy. He’s crippled us with wasteful spending, massive debt, low growth, a huge trade deficit and open borders. Our manufacturing trade deficit with the world is now approaching $1 trillion a year.”

The world beyond our shores are aghast with the shameless display and support being given to a presumptive leader of a party acting on what amounts to racist fearmongering with a perceived threat to an imagined racial supremacy.

Many people are soft-spokenly, assauging us with retorts suggesting that Congress would not allow most of these overly ambitious plans to come to fruition. I, too also thought that the House and Senate would not be majority republican either soon after President Obama took office. The shameless are willing to bet that Trump will carry through on their shared intentions. Even when Trump responds with what appears to be a contradiction, they already know what he means, they believe everything he says without compunction. That sort of confirmation bias is pretentiously appealing to the unenlightened support for the highest office. Apparently Trump is held to a different reality show-based standard and hasn’t been held to much accountability as opposed to those former nominees for president of the United States.

The political security of the United States is under constant threat of social upheaval. At many intervals throughout American history that threat has been somewhat quelled by slow and steady easing of discriminatory practices and institutional injustices. Monumental decisions and laws enacted in favor of equality have been brought on by the Civil Rights Movement which posits the state of the union as absolutely being endangered by a disruptive false consciousness. An aspect of this false consciousness is the belief system of a disconcertingly large contingent of the majority’s views of minorities on not both, but all sides of the political structure. The following excerpt from Thomas Edsall’s piece in the New York Times reflects much of this reality.

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Now it is still seemingly far-fetched that Donald Trump in my opinion would beat Hillary Clinton in the election of all elections, barring any more dark shadowy indiscretions are brought to light on the presumtive Democratic nominee. But it surely has become a got damn shame that the shameless Republicans have made Trump their best and only option.

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