Thank you Papa Kitty and Poe for writing and exposing this in the manner to which you did. Son of Baldwin’s piece is nothing short of an awakening for some and a rude awakening for most. I suspect that many whites felt that bitch slap. Your follow-up is more so a back hand slap.

The essence of Black Lives Matter is tantamount to a call to attention and awareness for equality in my view. There can be no preferential treatment, nor race card implications that can be plausibly inferred from it. This makes the casual All Lives Matter or Blue Lives Matter counterargument a very specious one despite the episodic evidence of discrimination and injustice that continues to besiege us all.

Racism has become so ingrained and so pervasive within our society that it is discussed and viewed more so as an afterthought rather than a prevailing condition and norm that should be dismantled, unlearned, and dismissed. But far too many have been privileged or have profited from its incentive structures proffered by the many institutions that co-opts its use for oppression, political gains, and socioeconomic exploitation.

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