Thank you Wyatt Edward Gates for sharing, my thoughts and sentiments echo yours.

Most people have a moral sense and compass that would inherently point towards good only if they accept their own humanity and not conflate it with an existential delusion of themselves — like these faux racialized identities or horatio alger types for instance.

President Obama is just as much white as he is black. But what he is mostly in any context is racially human. He was naive to buy into a post racial America and it would be hard to blame him for attempting to see the good that America could be and get past the bad America has become and continues to be.

In comparison with flat-earthers, believing that you are right when you are obviously wrong is an ill-conceived attempt at challenging reality, whereas the affirmation of an inflated self-worth is weighed against the excruciating and deflating let down of embarrassment of being wrong.

This is where knowledge becomes elusive and idiocy reigns. That grip on reality loosen when we underestimate how much of them are in circulation, or how we fail to recognize them independent of any other characteristic or status they may hold like being a real estate tycoon or a rhodes scholar. Most importantly we fail to recognize how dangerous these people are to the precarious existence and persistence of humankind.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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