Thanks for sharing Caleb. These “imagined borders” as you so rightly described are not natural barriers that contain distinct people, but you would think so by the way they develop a sense of pride within said borders. It should be no wonder that I get a sense of claustrophobia around people with these delusions.

As if there is something more substantive or weighty to disparities when there is quite a bit of parity to perceive instead.

I have had to painstakingly explain to family members that we are human first while they proudly rift competitively over tribal dignities which are oftentimes suspect. This cherry-picking over who may be the noblest by historical record obscures the positives that we can garner from our ongoing evolution of interdependence.

Of course they all look at me like I am from Mars though in response.😳

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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