Thanks for sharing this knowledge and your perspective veganelder. I have said this before and it seems apropos that I mention this again because this scam continues unabated.

There is this unsolicited fully paid subscription to whiteness (seemingly unending) that not only determines blackness and accompanies othering, it subjugates our being with liberal use of a coercive narrative and dominant framework. The result of which continues to reap benefits in socioeconomic terms at such a detrimental expense, both physically and psychologically.

Given the threat of extrajudicial and state sponsored violence there is an element of suppression to it that can lead to a paralysis that many unwittingly and wittingly succumb to. Resistance to this is no easy task for white, black, brown, and in between. However, removing the motivated ignorance factor and its belief insensitivity can have an immunizing effect.

So when Clay, Sherry, and Caleb, H. Nemesis Nyx, MarieG and countless others on and off Medium continue to immunize themselves in this way there is this hope of overcoming.

This conscientiousness disarms the oppressor and its sub-oppressors — liberating them from inflicting dehumanization tactics, as well as self-inflicted dehumanization with all its distortions. Whiteness purports a distortion of being fully human while oppressing the oppressed into seeing themselves as less than fully human.

The struggle here, really, is to restore humanity — not to get sucked into a feedback loop to prove an already established given: humanness, and not to engage in an absurd battle of being more or equal and not less human.

For now we appear to be trapped in a nightmare where our forged reality transforms consciousness to a conforming disillusion of racial hierarchy and oppression.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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