Thanks Rob. You know it’s interesting you say that there is no Republican party. I agree with your sentiments on this and would like to add to that. To me this is precisely an attempt at a form of tyranny through populist politics. The precipitating outbreak of this particular populism that led to Trump’s improbable rise has contradicting overtones towards democracy that prey on the emotive in lieu of the analytic. I call it a movement that is so exclusionary that loyalty is a sole prerequisite that proffers clientelism as the modus operandi of this newly installed government.

The way this new install views politics is not necessarily ideological it is rather, a wayward rationale of identity against the backdrop of a multicultural taint — seen as a terrible symptom of globalization. This taint is the bane to their existence and is believed to have left a majoritative working class in disarray — feeling marooned, depressed, unprivileged and anxious for a leader who promises that he alone can set things straight for them “again” — ahistorically.

Again there is nothing pluralistic about this party, there is nothing inclusionary about it. What it is is definitely anti-elitist in the sense that they view progressive aspects of existing institutions as rigged, and rather than recondition those institutions they seek “deconstruction of the administrative state”.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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