That depends.

I appreciate the insight you have given with your response here Sherry, it serves to shed more light on the intuition of those who reluctantly voted for Trump and those who simply abstained from voting. This is their sense of justice? It shouldn’t be surprising that those who make or agree with such statements are in fact an unconscionable bunch.

It turns out roughly 43% of the voting population that unpatriotically and undutifully decided not to vote adds up to being approximately 100 million people. Clearly, there was no will involved here, if there was any will it was ill-will. The election of Donald Trump is hardly the will of the country.

When we pledge allegiance to the flag we are agreeing to a social contract that seems like a doctrine of good faith, but it isn’t. It just so happens to be an obligation that is consistent with duress and unconscionability, much like low wages and employment or credit cards with high interest. So when someone remarks that we have to respect the office or respect the process, its like saying this is what we pledged allegiance to — this is simply duress with unconscionability.

Those arguments represent either one of two things : 1) a cop out from performing what is one of the most leisurely, non life-threatening acts of patriotism that a citizen can perform, or 2) a motivated ignorance. I just want to speak to the motivated ignorance. When our Congress refuses to even begin the impeachment process for high crimes and misdemeanors by this president we see this enforcement of the social contract under a set of terms and conditions laid out by an administration that are substantively deleterious to the republic.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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