That is so kind of you to say and I will oblige you (temporarily) here with a few pics. I am not one of these “pretty boys”, but I do take care of myself and try to display a neat appearance because that is how mys siblings and I have been raised.

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I have an aversion to showing my entire face or exposing too much of my identity on any form of social media. I am terrible at selfies (with the timer and setup and such) and I often laugh at myself and the attempts because I find the whole experience to be terribly narcissistic or vain. I probably will delete this post at some point in the future.

I workout as much as I can.

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I cook often as well. Here is one of my favorite dishes. It is Jamaica’s national dish. The yellow scrambled looking item on the plate is ackee. This fruit is often mistaken for a vegetable. It grows on a tree encased in a burnt orange and reddish pod that breaks open when ripe to reveal the yellow firm part attached to the shiny black seed. The firm yellow part is peeled stripped and boiled to a soft subtance that resembles scrambled eggs. We sautee it further in a frying pan with onions, pepper, and sweet pepper and add saltfish (or you probably refer to it as salted cod) to it. On the right side of the dish are fried dumplings or johnny cakes and on the left are banana fritters(ripe bananas that have been mashed with and mixed with flour, vanilla extract, a little cinnamon, and little nutmeg.

Here I am boiling dumpling, making rice and peas in coconut milk…

…preparing curried chicken…

…browning it and then cooking it down…

and wallah!

…this is oxtail another west indian or caribbean fave.


…me making chicken and roti…

Me when I lived in Cali. I lived there for a little over 6 years.

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Again Sherry Kappel, this medium post will self destruct.

Marley K., Lecia Michelle 📃, Clay Rivers, Kerry Kuhn, Jack Herlocker

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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