That’s an idiotic and ominous position to be in, especially in what we allege to be a civil society. Only a strain of irrationality complemented by corruptive politics would find this proposition so emotionally appealing to insensitive beliefs — beliefs that don’t change even in the presence of overwhelming evidence. Only they would find such idiocy plausible on how to deal with gun violence. This is what comes to mind as I highlighted this excerpt from your wonderfully written thought piece Lecia.

Just how do people remain their own masters? By maintaining the kind of community that secures their liberty. De Tocqueville’s singular contribution to our understanding of idiocy and citizenship is the notion that idiots are idiotic precisely because they are indifferent to the con- ditions and contexts of their own freedom. They fail to grasp the interdependence of liberty and community, privacy and puberty.

There is this concept of liberty and license that is lost among many here and it appears that Americanism fails to recognize and acknowledge human interdependence in its making and in its sustainability, respectively. In fact the two concepts are interdependent on each other to fend off its respective cannibalistic tendencies towards humanity.

Someone responded to an article I had written on the president’s lack of substantive empathy. The article also spoke to the disturbing and unintellectual manner of attributing gun violence to simply being an affect of mental illness as opposed to being something indisputably evil aided and betted by unfettered access to guns for any occassion. There was an absurd attempt to redefine guns as not weapons but “specifically designed to accurately fire projectiles at targets”. While ignoring the larger historical context, this is what we are dealing with. I can’t bring myself to these insensible depths of debate and deliberation in order to respond to such idiocy especially when people like this resort to using false labels and rebuttals like reverse bigotry on you. I can’t. I am not here to teach them either. But I stomached through reading this response and was floored by the idiocy 😦 driving it and it was predicated on belief insensitivity motivated by ignorance.

That you would have to write this or that it even had to be said is more than just telling, it is to the point of ludicrousness when it comes to responsibility. We are now being made responsible for the reckless acts of gun violence and the lives taken within our proximity for not being prepared to shoot another human being.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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