The Art of Shameless Self Promotion As Performed By Kanye West

The spectacle in drawing attention to yourself has become an art form

Today I learned via Vox that Kanye West tweeted his affection for President Trump. Good for him. And then I made the mistake and kept on reading through it.😒

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Me: Dragon energy

Celebrity narcissism in all its achievements has this gnawing influence on society such that the purveyors of the nonsensical can proclaim their exceptionalism by stealing the moment, because we all know it wasn’t earned.

The comments made by these two lovers are so toxic that if you touch upon them you risk self-contamination, so it really doesn’t make sense to directly respond via Twitter @kanyewest or @ realDonaldTrump about your displeasure. These taunts are made to rouse us into mistakenly giving credence to the gall of these provocateurs and their easy to impress narcissistic supply.

My response to the antics of Kanye are to ignore him and his minions. But like most gnats you come into contact with, it becomes hard to resist taking a swat at the irritating annoyance they bring.

When a response is anticipated the need for attention becomes even more evident — like when West attempted to goad us with this psuedo-profound bullshit or cries for attention here.

React how you want. Any energy is good energy. You know the Confederate flag represented slavery in a way — that’s my abstract take on what I know about it. So I made the song ‘New Slaves.’ So I took the Confederate flag and made it my flag. It’s my flag. Now what are you going to do? — Kanye West

Kanye’s ahistorical bloviating is a vital part of this ruse. And we all know that the annointment of racial etiquette received when you congregate with white privilege can make you start feeling yourself.

Ain’t nobody got time for this though because I am sure even George W would agree that…

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The apprentice was all about shameless self-promotion and so is Kanye West’s brand of influence.

This has been another edition of An American Potpourri Of Pseudo-Profound Bullshit Vol. 1, №6, Check out Vol. 1, №1 , Vol. 1, №2, Vol. 1, №3, and Vol. 1, no.4. and Vol. 1, No.5

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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