The Art Of The Scam

Trump’s professional charlantry is accredited by the United States government

That’s awe — some!

Whether Trump wins reelection or not we still are losing (ourselves) as Americans.

These four Democrats out of 235 members statistically have very little pull or push in the party, especially as newcomers, but the unsound connotation lends itself to the appearance of certain reelection for Trump. This really serves to confound and confuse you in to despair — a very useful emotive for the cons and their shills to exploit.

  1. According to Trump us Americans on average should have gotten a bigger refund. More people filed but less refund given. as of May 2019

Individually, as well as collectively in our little sub-groupings, we are human first, and in the end we will expire as human last.

Rather this much more absurd appeal to racializations with all this bigotry, discrimination, and hatred is what makes this con one of the biggest scams ever pulled off and this is what history will show as President Donald J. Trump’s greatest achievement in becoming the greatest con artist ever.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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