The terrorism that erupted in France overnight is decidedly disconcerting and will summon a spectre of retaliation that will be leveled against those groups who not only commit such impious attacks so indiscriminately, but inspire such dastardly acts against the benevolence of humanity. My sorrow goes out to those innocent lives lost amid the carnage in France.

It is morally wicked to to carry out any terrorism of depraved indifference in an attempt to impose a wayward and radical caliphate much to the contradiction of so called piety. This ethnic cleansing will not succeed. The apocalyptic determinism to instill fear is futile. The condemnation around the world will only intensify. There will be a compromise comprising of antidemocratic measures to increase security while concomitantly rooting out the infringment of our pursuit of happiness and the protection of qualifiable freedoms for humankind to persist.

This duplicitous allure towards the reversion of an uncivilized state of barbarism is not tolerable, nor sustainable, and only a force of appreciable diversity in unity and in empathy through equality, respect, and kindness will see this and other diversions of civility defeated, if not eliminated altogether. The opportunity to set this precedent is now.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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