The Basis of Truth In The World

You would think that truth, which consists of fact, and thus is reality, may be susceptible to modification or even erasure based on the multitude of falsehoods that one has to disabuse themselves of, navigate and parse through. The internet is a breeding ground for belief insensitivity which makes it that much difficult to find certainty in the midst of all the cognitive biases spreading around like viruses.

The truth about civilization and its organizational and technological advancement throughout the ages with all its contributing derivatives along the spectrum from male to female, from group to group, culture to culture, down to the variation of melanins— whether recorded or not — is that it requires only contact as a basis, it requires no political endorsement for its assertions. Sherry as you succinctly stated erasure is not possible or manageable. It is what it is.

Furthermore, there is no such thing as a discrete individual, likewise race, culture, group, or nation, whose boundaries are completely walled off from the inspirations and motivations by the flora of all neighboring creatures on earth— as much as misanthropes and supremacists would like you to otherwise believe. That is and continues to be an absurd and fraudulent falsehood in order to assert control and validate oppression.

The perversions in their machinations of discovery in particular that cancel out significant contributions by females and nonwhite males speak only to their sincere fictions of social hierarchy. Because they uphold so dearly unto such perversions and fallacious claims, it leaves little doubt that we should credit them for immeasurable grand theft, or archaeological, anthropological, linguistic and genetic larceny of humanity instead.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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