The Capitalist Delusion Of Dominion

Yeah, 🤔 about this fake-ass stock market and its patriarchal savior

Hailed As The Greatest Economic Predictor, It Is Actually The Worst

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The vastly non-rich not wanting to be seen as or live in damnation will assuage the egos of the deleteriously rich and their gatekeepers in self-defeating ways. The tithes in the form of investments and savings that are handed over to the financial clerics in the hopes of monetary blessings bestowed with economic salvation does not come without suffering or loss. They call on their faith in troubling times and hardships and in return the flock will mollify them in ridiculously redemptive fashion.

The accumulation of wealth appears to directly or indirectly follow a pyramidical flow which means it is reliant upon a vast underlying network of participants that range broadly from the very poor upwards up a narrow path encompassing the rich.

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So what happens when faith in the markets is questioned…

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The significance of the stock market is perplexingly peculiar in its stark unaccountability for narrow-minded and short-sighted consequentialism and for its inscrutable market behaviors that formulate volatility.

The premise of the stock market is to speculate about the future price momentum, values and growth prospects of economic entities both to the positive and to the negative. Just as it can establish a bid to sell or buy assets at previously determined-agreed upon market prices, it emphatically remains a collusive force of irrational sentiment.

Its partiality does not err on the side of caution or sustainability, it veers towards avarice head on. That opportunity canbe seen in the waning days of Obama’s presidency where slow sustainable growth seemed unbearable and uninteresting. So Capitalism, so loving of the material world, saw fit to elect a son in Donald Trump, who will deliver the U.S. to the promise of greatness…again.

From a practicality standpoint it would be counterintuitive for the plutocracy to appropriate excessive forms of income for their unexceptionally unnecessary survival, while relegating swaths of their fellow human population to mostly subsistent or penury states of existence. With avarice you become immune to the auspices of satisfaction materially and non materially.

Money can only be seen as a practicality, it shouldn’t be seen as the cure all or the be all of our existence.

Capitalism proffers a more overarching goal. Career and or entrepreneurial goals, marital and or familial goals, are all subsets of the preoccupation with and motivation towards the voracious accumulation of wealth by avaristic instincts. The stock market is a vehicle that perpetuates this.

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The stock market has gotten it wrong ever since Trump was elected president.

The extraordinary lack of self-awareness allows the authors of Trumponomics to record a series of predictions that have already failed even before the book’s publication. Describing their case for a huge tax cut, they recount convincing Republicans in Congress that cutting the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 20 percent “would yield about the same revenue — and possibly more — than the current system with a 35 percent rate.” (It hasn’t — corporate tax revenue has fallen by a third since the passage of the Trump tax cut.) They show Kudlow assuring Trump his tax cut would not lead to deficits because “the phony numbers of Washington’s bean counters” are “always wrong.” (They weren’t wrong — or, to put it more precisely, the bean counters turned out to underestimatethe deficit following the tax cut.)

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