The commencing of this not-so-rare, but perfect storm of confluence whipping up varying degrees of stupidity within the guileful rise for both Hitler and Trump in term of commonalities are undeniable. There is a mythical mystique about the former that the latter would seem to have anachronistically attained in an attempt to revitalize a social hierarchical order by feeding egotism first and foremost. There is a difference between the two self-absorbed charlatans though — courage of one’s convictions.

The article you provided Caleb was very insightful.

Democracy destroying itself democratically. — Against Normalization: The Lesson of the “Munich Post” — Ron Rosenbaum

The moment that this republican coup realizes that their hopes of normalizing Donald Trump will never come to pass even at the heels of their own demise, both literally and figuratively as we have seen is remote. There are inherent consequences of having elected a socially impubescent man to the nation’s highest, nearly impeachable office. This bunch with its in-group mentality is akin to the Weimar Republic — a similar constitutional assembly that has made an idiot their figurehead.

Normalization of Trump is not possible just as it wasn’t with Hitler.

The prevalences of incivility that we are seeing may instigate a martial law order but that would be a grave mistake leading to an outright modern day civil war. The Plutocratic fear of reprisal, economic damage and loss won’t allow it. Do we have to be on the verge of collapse to appreciate reform?

Whether Donald Trump is truly a racist or not is unfortunately irrelevant at this point, only because the electoral vote majority that handed him the keys to the White House are mostly cowardice about their resentment and in facing their own demons. They would rather shadily embrace them under Trump. While it is important that we recognize this major contributing factor we simply cannot rely on moral certainty to avail itself because it is a distracting waste a time to convince beyond a reasonable doubt an already skeptical and resentful populace.

Little Miss Flint with the President — Credit The Daily Dot

This has become an impressive tactic used again and again. This fear of diversity has made stupidity that much palpable. In a report by Sean McElwee and Jason McDaniel of The Nation…

…the average white person views increasing racial diversity more negatively than the average person of color in America. Whites were less optimistic about diversity, with a mean score of .47, compared to .34 for African Americans, .40 among Latinos, and .37 among Asians. Republicans and those with a high-school diploma or less exhibit the highest amount of negativity towards increasing racial diversity in America.

Trump supporters pose with a Confederate flag in Jacksonville, Florida. (AP Photo / Matt Rourke)

Not only have they been taken in by a grifter, they have become an exploitable, unsuspecting pawn in the political stratagem of a Trump presidency designed by a republican coup.

Trump is driven by the narcissistic supply and that base has a love blind view of Trump as their savior-in-chief.

Trump had been tricky, neither accepting nor rejecting the endorsement of KKK leader David Duke. David Duke! The KKK! In this century! He claimed he didn’t know who he was. He couldn’t be disqualified because of someone he didn’t know. That’s where we all went wrong, thinking he was stupid and outrageous, not canny and savvy and able to play the media like Paganini. The election demonstrated the weakness of a weak democracy, where basic liberties could be abolished by demagoguery and voter suppression.

Trump shoving Montenegro’s PM

We didn’t take him seriously because of all the outrageous, clownish acts and gaffes we thought would cause him to drop out of the race. Except these gaffes were designed to distract. This was his secret strategy, the essence of his success — you can’t take a stand against Trump because you don’t know where Trump is standing. You can’t find him guilty of evil, you can’t find him at all. And the tactics worked. Trump was not taken seriously, which allowed him to slip by the normal standards for an American candidate. The mountebank won. Again. — Against Normalization: The Lesson of the “Munich Post” — Ron Rosenbaum

Well then I can firmly stand by my account of the media’s accountability in all of this and their inadvertent or reckless collusion, and subterfuge of democracy with all its diversions as a means to an end for the political media complex. It appears that the written media is not quite as effective as the visual media. Our educational institutions are the blame for that. What the visual media chooses as their headlines or as a feature in the 24 hour news cycle is more problematic and insubstantial. Why haven’t I seen Mr. Rosenbaum on CNN, Fox News, or MSNBC as an analyst? Instead what we have are sparring matches between tribal representatives.

How did this widely disseminated report from Oliver Stone’s, The Putin Interviews escape headlines and thorough analysis about Vladimir Putin’s commentary on the election of Donald Trump?

While denying hacking last year’s election, Putin said: “Of course we felt kindly towards Mr Trump — and we still do — because he publicly said he was ready to and wanted to restore Russian-American relations.” He went on to compliment Trump — albeit in a somewhat backhanded way — on his “intelligent” campaign: “I also thought he was going too far with some of his campaign speeches but it turned out he was right,” he said. “He struck a chord in people’s souls and was able to play on that.”

Isn’t this referring blatantly to nationalists and the alt-right wing here!?!?!?!?There is nothing backhanded about this compliment, it was telling. This is by design.

Again what I have read in the Munich Post article and what you and I have espoused Caleb has nothing to do with partisan politics, but has all to do about the preservation, refinement, and sustainability of a multicultural democracy much like the fish in a pond whose ecosystem is being threatened, there has been little in terms of evolution in order to adapt and create sustainable progress and defend ourselves from predatory authoritarianism.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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