The concept of checks and balances is merely a notion — if you believe it to be a worthy apparatus of government (power) constraint and a democratic principle that protects an absolute majority, rather than small interest groups vying to corrupt the system for opportunitistic gains. These gains are oftentimes afforded through nationalism — a manipulation of national pride by deceit and coercion for a privileged hierarchical tribalism wielding fraudulent social capital.

This is why most Republicans don’t care or want to legitimate Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller’s investigation into undue influence by Russian hacking and or collusion in the election of Donald Trump. It has been absurdly justified and framed by the White House, the right, as well as by some on the left, as wanting to establish better relations with Putin, albeit innocently misguided by a novice political leader in Trump.

Besides, in their eyes they (Congress) have already responded to that matter via a check and balance on the president via further sanctions on Russia in July 2017 that the president could have vetoed, but with major consequences and repercussions. But therein lies only the appearance of checks and balances.

Mr. Trump has in earnest sought to undermine those sanctions (appealing to Putin personally) with nationalistic (U.N. speech) and authoritarian zeal (wanting a military parade) along with other executive powers at his disposal, and quite blatantly I should add.

This brittle application of checks and balances is due to a lack of substantive democratic will of the process and in the people who actually aided and abetted putting an unqualified and incompetent president in office as a way of corrupting said checks and balances. Yes there are three branches of government but all three branches are heavily saturated by a plurality of Republicans who decisively hold power and influence over and within each branch. Why would they undermine their own faction for the sake of upholding democratic principles that they seem to view as being loosely interpreted with this notion that “all men are created equal”? Or better yet for the love of an immigrant nation?! I think not!

Senator Jeff Flake seems to be the lone republican who is willing to self-check his tribalism into a party that is absolutely corrupting the branches of government with the majorities they currently hold. And he is retiring by the end of this year!

Yeah! She said that on behalf of the American people.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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