The Danger of Giving Credence To Anti-Intellectualism

So are we just going to ignore all of President Trump’s idiotically idealistic statements going forward?



🤔And then what?!🎟🍿🎬

The matter of 17 people gunned downed by what could only be described as a disturbing and indisputably evil act is far too serious to start talking reckless about what heroic good you would have done in that situation to prevent it.

If I think to myself that “it goes without saying” then I shouldn’t feel the need to write this in response to the president’s rationale. The president and his flunkies should by all accounts indicate that remarks like these are truly faux pas, instead we are led to believe that the president truly believes in his own hype.

by Vox, The White House Press Secretary’s attempts at translating Trump speak for us feels condescending every time by authoritarian design. We are always made to feel as if we are overreacting, being dishonest, or simply too sensitive. So, in order to keep us second guessing our instinctive senses, they desensitize our intellectual sensibilities with sincere fictions of idealizations. Yes ideally, I get that Ms. Huckabee Sanders, I do.

This excerpt by Vox reveals the extent at which the White House will go to such insensible lengths to not simply call out the president’s faux pas but ingratiate him even more into believing his own hype. Ideally, Ms. Huckabee Sanders, I get it. By attempting to translate Trump speak to us though I get this sense of condescension from the White House every time by authoritarian design. We aer made to feel as if we are always overreacting, or being dishonest with ourselves, or simply too sensitive. So, in order to keep us second guessing our instincts and wisdom, we are inundated with press briefings that desensitize our intellectual sensibilities with these sincere fictions of idealizations.

In this perceived ideal world we should all be taken aback and up in arms that armed student resource officers would be so stricken with fear by standing still in the chaotic moments of flight or fight response. We expect, and we are conditioned by Hollywood standards, that in reality the good guys — the preordained heroes with impeccable timing will shoot, corner, and apprehend the bad guys with such precision and coordination, amidst AR-15 bullets flying everywhere, and children and adults running everywhere. The ideal also follows that return fire (not an AR-15) will hit no one but the bad guy, and will not ricochet, but will…