The Dems Won’t Impeach Trump

And its not because the collusion and obstruction that Trump assailed on our constitution is so hard to prove

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The President has already told on himself on numerous ocassions. He has self-incriminated on twitter and has acted with malice in his lame attempts at obstruction and other improprieties. There is no need to list them all here either, it is public record.

What should stand out the most from Mueller’s utter reticence at the congressional hearing as acutely damning and convincingly vexing is the way that congressional oversight pursued defending the constitution — which apparently needs some more amending to its current tattered form by the way. In lieu of this they upheld a socialization of acculturation that places the heirarchy and its patriarchy first above the quality of equity for its citizenry, much in the same way the founders did by illegitimately consorting with plutocrats and racializing its citizens in an effort to stratify American society.

The Constitution does not consider a collective moral indictment as plausible or appropriate for a republic parading itself as a democracy.

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Excerpt from Slate

Ah what other callous institutions you might ponder or ask?

Republicans, meanwhile, decided to personally attack Mueller, his credibility, and the investigation — even reverting to conspiracy theories (like that Mueller’s staff was biased and wanted to incriminate Trump). Mueller’s refusal to talk about anything beyond the report helped Republicans because he largely declined to defend himself or the investigation against their allegations. [Vox / Emily Stewart and Alex Ward]

The republicans in their inquisition were obtuse with Robert Mueller in a way that seemed as if he was being taunted to be tried for treason.Traitorous to dehumanizing institutions that Russia and other Europeans are already bound to. The audacity of Mueller to turn on his very own whiteness is tantamount to any moral and ethics which dared challenge the bona fides of their alleged white supremacy or racial imperialism.

An impeachment would amount to an indictment against whiteness

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It should come as a shock to no one that the democrats would only see that outside of politics, it would seem treasonous on their part too, and they can be seen conceding to what republicans are so adamantly defending in their lost cause.

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Therefore, knowing this much observingly, an impeachment of Trump, whose racializations have helped him succeed the presidency in glaring fashion, would only serve as an indictment of whiteness. This is why the dems will not by consensus be moved to seek impeachment of this president. A condemnation like that which is worthy of a pulitzer would only aggravate, condescend to and descend into a psychosomatic war against their majority held whiteness.

Mnay opinion pieces published in national media heavyweights across the nations will dance around this issue, its a circular reasoning kind of dance. Mr. Cassidy of the New Yorker came close when he stated the obvious that was conspicuously overlooked and yet we still undermine the root cause analysis driving this corruption.

The wanton disrespect that these elected Republicans showed Mueller was perhaps the most alarming testament yet to Trump’s total conquest of the Party. In today’s G.O.P., as in Stalin’s Russia, evidently, decades of loyal public service count for nothing when the leader and his henchmen decide someone represents a threat and the apparatchiks have been ordered to take that person down. All that matters is carrying out the order and staying in the leader’s good graces. That isn’t congressional oversight. It is scorched-earth politics of a kind that is entirely antithetical to the notion of checks and balances enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.

Even if we take the gravity of Mueller’s conclusion and its empirical evidence of foreign influence into the 2016 election out of the calculus, we are left with just Trump’s unfitness and ineptitude in the way that his administration racializes each approach to their governance. By these actions alone, there should and could certainly be enough to sufficiently impeach President Trump on the basis of a myriad of any high crimes and misdemeanors — abuse of powers and violation of public trust on matters surrounding domestic (civil rights) and foreign (human rights) policy — you could fathom to apply as being violated, yet conveniently isn’t defined at all in the constitution.

But again, that won’t do because this would be an indictment against a social construct of a scourge — a vanity and insanity that knows no bounds.

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