The Emboldenment Effect Of A Trump Presidency

The precipitous hate fueled attitudes and behaviors which have shown a propensity for heinous violence denotes the perfidiousness of Making America Great Again

While many diehard apologists for Trump attempt to provide cover for incompetence and maliciousness in his unconvincing role of statesman, an ominous tone which has been set has also proceeded to increase in a schismatic motion.

We have become accustomed to attributing positive connotations to the constructs of “bravery” and “courage” but apparently the definition is more elusive than that. The concept is layered and to the same extent and degree can be applicable to the brave and courageous display of discrimination, racism, and xenophobia within a society that perfidiously claims — self-evidently — that all Men are created equal.

You would not be mistaken in your oppressed thinking that Mr. Trump’s unprofessorial tautologies at his rallies carry some kind of legitimate edification. That would be a reach in and of itself. They are more like counterdemonstrations of the semblance of a democracy currently and barely in existence. To not fault him rings hallow and a thought from Paulo Freire which is so apropos to what is happening in Brazil right now can enlighten you on Trump’s pedagogy of his oppression.

There is nothing moral or honorable about free speech that motivates ignorance and violence towards your fellow Men. Yet this sort of brave and courageous free speech coalescing with free conscience is paradoxically instrumental to infringing on the inalienable rights of others, and or, in desecrating religious freedoms — this happens when principles are maligned and not properly understood. This Is bad conscience its effect.

Dylan Roof and Robert Bowers acted on bad conscience. It can be seen as acting bravely and courageously untoward societal expectations and norms that curb unethical or immoral behavior and beliefs to carryout such heinous and unlawful mass murder. This is political incorrectness on steroids. Acting on maligned principles that they themselves would contradict by contending that such attitudes and belief in turn would not be applicable to them is due to their misunderstandings of free speech and free conscience. To overstand their mischaracterizations of privilege and entitlement further, these men will be venerated by certain hate groups as heroic in their lost cause war of attrition on minority groups — an emboldenment.

The president has only been busy in office getting out to these ridiculous rallies that proffer a whole lot more than just political rhetoric. The sophistry of this cliché is wearing thin now and transparently what Mr. Trump proffers in these exchanges for adulation and praises is inspiringly and encouragingly oppressive. In his quest for political protection from conservative, republican, nationalist, and right-wing votes is this imposition of othering which culminates into taking back their country — as if.🧐

The White House and many other apologists have inundated us through media in creative ways to untangle Trump’s rhetoric and complicity in the spate of violence and vitriol that has gripped the nation with paralytically awestruck sensibilities. The in defense of Trump narrative falls short each and every time. Once again I will let Paulo Freire tell it.

As Mr. Trump ramps up his anti-immigration stance and policy with deploying 5,200 more troops at the Mexican border, and seeks to end birthright citizenships for the children of undocumented immigrants, an expression of the oppression Trump and his supporters feel by this aspect of humanity, you get a strong sense of the idiocy of dehumanization at play. What is that about you may ask?

The rich are merely rich because of the necessity and prolificacy of poor people through oppression aided and abetted by government sanctioned rent-seeking capability. And I don’t digress. While the xenophobic war is being fought to keep outsiders at bay, the battle to disenfranchise from within continues with marked subtleties.

Emboldened, and virally observed in plain view are the claiming of spaces by wayward whites afflicted with the vanity and insanity of whiteness. The latest and surely not the last to be reported portends the inevitability of racial and class warfare brewing.

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In viral incidents over the past few years, black and brown people have found themselves accosted or worse while going about their daily lives, in almost laughably innocuous scenarios, such as waiting for a school bus while black, throwing a kindergarten temper tantrum while black, drinking iced tea while black, waiting at Starbucks while black, AirBnB’ing while black and shopping for underwear while black.

But people who suddenly found themselves on the receiving end of racial harassment have been empowered by a new weapon: cellphones. Recordings of the incidents have sparked viral videos and spontaneous hash-tagged nicknames for people like #BBQBecky and #PermitPatty, who have been scorned publicly and on social media and, in some cases, fired from their jobs. Westwood has become known as #SouthParkSusan.

When being best is being bold

Fear and loathing has turned into courage and bravery. Since the benefit of the doubt has historical precedence in its bequeathing to whites when the police are called upon, the advent of cellphones recording these confrontations have long overdue given the world sufficient evidence of the perils of navigating the heroic oppression of whiteness. If the imperative of this administration and its supporters to establish an incorrigible and emotionally despondent sense of social well-being — an acquiescence — then they are boldly succeeding.

I wonder when if ever will the bravery and courage kick in for the oppressed to defeat this oppressive regime.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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