The Epitome Of How Men Like Trump Has Always Gotten Over On The American People

The Mueller Report and the latency of its response towards plausible impeachment magnifies this

Mr. Mueller’s latent statements today made months after the conclusion of his report into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election — which benefitted President Trump largely by sowing divisive and bigoted rhetoric — in preference of an ideology and an administration that is apologetic to an authoritarian and identitarian rule of law is more than just telling, it is resistant to resistance.

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Insufficient evidence huh!?!?

While the motivated ignorance of the Trump administration — backed by a republican party leadership, and bolstered by a prepondrance of ignoramus support is in stark opposition to the shared and vital interests in democratic principles of equality and justice for Americans, the reveling in the vanity and insanity of existential whiteness over morality and humanity is quite damning at the lengths this ideology goes in aligning the overarching matter of bigotry with policy making.

“I just don’t see how we can have this overwhelming majority understand that he is a bigot — that he has infused his bigotry into policy — and not at some point decide that there ought to be a vote to impeach him for the bigotry and policy. And, by the way, you don’t need to conduct hearings on this, because the President does it in plain view! It’s out there!” — Representative Al Green (D-TX)

The case has been made from day one of this presidency that Donald J Trump is an illegitimate president, whose influence and support from Russians helped pay the way to the highest office in the land. Sowing the proverbial benefit of the doubt has enabled and emboldened a dissonance that baffles any sense of sensibility to the point of pervasive spread of psychological harm.

That discordance is paying off as it can only be seen as transactional for its profitability, and politicizing. The racialized reward of unchecked and and privileged power in the presidency achieved only by an inept and corrupt white man is conspicuously clear to most and yet absurdly blinding for the rest to see.

The mind-bending misnomer of history repeating itself is what the democratic leadership in Pelosi and Schumer would like you to believe or obfuscate as the political reasoning to stalling or not actively pursuing impeachment. This is in light of the overt bigotry and substantial evidence resulting from the Mueller investigation.

It is said foolishly that history repeats itself. History merely records. That the lessons learned from it will prevent past mistakes from recurring is wishful thinking. What is actually recurring is a nuanced and complex form of mistake-making that history does not itself repeat: terrible identitarian whiteness in this case does and they repeat it with subtle complexity in delusional vanity and insanity. History never repeats itself — that is a logical fallacy and a gross misnomer— only motivated ignorance does that sort of repeating.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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