The Hypocrisy Here Encourages This Incoherence With Political Tribalism

In This Instance Of Disaster It Results in a Failure to Address and Mitigate Human Tragedy

The former 2016 republican presidential candidate, Senator Ted Cruz (Tx) is a cunning self-serving propagandist and crusader, as well as a Princeton and Harvard educated buffoon.

Texas Sens. Ted Cruz and John Cornyn want relief funding for Hurricane Harvey expedited, despite voting down Hurricane Sandy assistance in 2012.

The devastation of Hurricane Harvey has two-faced Texas politicians looking for the same sort of relief funding they flatly opposed five years ago when Sandy pounded New York and New Jersey.

Texas Sens. Ted Cruz and John Cornyn were among the most adamant opponents to the bi-state aid in 2012 — and both already reached out this weekend seeking funds.

Both voted against a $50.4 billion Sandy assistance package after the storm, which caused more than 100 Northeast deaths and tens of billions of dollars in damage.

I want to be extra clear about this. Just because you appear to be successful at gaming the system does not automatically make you comprehensively “smart”. Smart is a relative assertion. Never cede your own thought process to these pedigreed individuals without your own verification. Intelligence and verifiable rationale are not reflexive terms.

I could care less about your ivy league status (provenance) and or high IQ. Apparently they don’t test for substantive rationale and that ivy league status can easily be bought. What I find that is most disturbing yet compelling to everyone is the inherent persuasive qualities of their immortalized credentials as status quo hypocrites.

Any regard for Senator Cruz that you can conjure up is negligible at this point. Former District Court Judge, Senator John Cornyn fares no better. With a flare for sophistry and irony, both men were part of a group of 22 senators to send a signed letter to President Trump requesting to withdraw from the Paris Climate Agreement.

“We strongly encourage you to make a clean break from the Paris Agreement,” read the letter, drafted by Wyoming’s John Barrasso, chairman of the Senate committee on environment and public works, and Oklahoma’s Jim Inhofe, a longtime climate change denier and senior member of that committee.

It may seem daunting but all you require for your defense against stupidity is your rational thinking. You counter the oppressive attacks from the likes of Senators Cruz and Corbyn by weaponizing your mental acuity through a discipline of attentive awareness and a persistence for validation.

The damaging toll associated with any major storm will incur costs that span several years, but it seems all worth it by the calculations of status quo hypocrites who see the myopic value of campaign funding from oil and gas industry profits as acceptable and justifiable with moral licensing substantiated by their constituents.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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