The Hypocrisy On Equal Pay For Equal Work

This is one of many pervasive institutional flaws that oppressively disadvantages fellow minority Americans with obscurity, while widening wealth/income inequality gaps. It would behoove those in power now to gift their supporting base with this amelioration for wage stagnation. But then again why would they honestly do something like this when it would seem to affect the plutocracy. The Washington Post reported this today.

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“Ultimately, while I believe the intention was good and agree that pay transparency is important, the proposed policy would not yield the intended results,” Trump said. “We look forward to continuing to work with [the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission], [the Office of Management and Budget], Congress and all relevant stakeholders on robust policies aimed at eliminating the gender wage gap.”

Why wouldn’t it yield the intended results of transparency? Why wouldn’t it improve the labor market? If the rule were still in place employers would submit their pay data by the September 30 EEO-1 filing deadline. This form is already submitted annually to report employee age, sex, and job groups, the new additional info is salary information. But now Ms. Ivanka Trump has backed away from closing the gap in a transparent way. Republicans have repeatedly blocked this legislation during Mr. Obama’s term in office and decidedly took the executive action route.

The EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) intended to use that information to inform investigators about ongoing investigations and break down barriers of inequality. The Department of Labor has already sued some of the biggest tech companies for alleged gender discrimination in pay. The impact of more storied companies who employ career lobbyists to push back on fairness and equality in the workplace, against their own employees seem incredibly disconnected and classist to me.

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But then again that’s just how plutocrats roll.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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