I will continue to pray, meditate, chant and supplicate for rational and collective soul searching as we address the more recent spates of liberty-taking under the auspice of liberty. In particular the liberty of stockpiling and sporting what merely is defined as weaponry, artillery, or armament. There is no mistaking the potential harm. It is a possession of power and advantage harmful in the hands of those with just a smidgen of fear, apprehension or misapprehension, anger, despair and or distress.

The power of a gun can be overwhelming. The allure and the ease to point, shoot, maim, kill, is resolute. Final. The adrenaline rush of absolute control in a blind rage. Multiply that by the millions and you have an armed society, reverted back to the days of the lawless old west. A time when exploration, removal of native peoples and succession led to expansion into new frontiers of the United States that brought forth an age of incivility as an incessant, conquest and survival was the order of those days. What is the manifest destiny of today?

All 20 of the children and all 6 of the adults took a minimum of two rounds in the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre on Friday, December 14, 2012. You have no chance when you are confronted with such liberty-taking. We really need to reevaluate American values.

I wrote this in December of 2012. It is being revisited again upon reports today of another senseless massacre, this time at a campus in Oregon. This repeat tragedy is eerily grim knowing that perpetrators of deadly violence like this are oftentimes stricken with self-esteem issues. Appropriate and balanced levels of self-esteem are not only essential to survival but also provides a strong enough buffer against anxieties that incur homicidal tendencies for carnage. Those anxieties are further amplified with the ease and access of dangerous weapons. Could we have stood together in the past to mitigate the loss of life today? Absolutely.

We simply cannot continue to make this alternative so available that it has become ubiquitous and unsuspecting. We cannot continue to allow for the silent peddling of civilian anarchy that support this kind of terrorism. We have to decide that we cannot continue to live like this.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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