The Mendacity Of Making America Great Again

By now most Trump supporters should be feeling like they have been played at this point. Once they are able to get past the denial and anger — of which you seem to take out on all things democrat or Obama — stages you should be able to laugh it off by accepting the fact that you played yourself. Not only were you taken in by a grifter, you have become an exploitable, unsuspecting pawn in the political stratagem of a Trump presidency. Your contemptuousness has gotten the best of you and owning up to this mistake may bring us together to possibly ameliorate this quandary. But in order to ameliorate this we first have to come to the understanding of what just happened.

Sold A Bill Of Goods

  1. Border Wall…………………………………..An obscene incalculable amount. Mexico would never agree to paying for this and why should they?
  2. Repeal and Replacement of Affordable Care Act…………………………………………….Costs more, to receive less. Absurdly less even than the mandated insurance coverage you receive now. More out of your pocket in an effort to cut taxes for the rich.
  3. Immigration ban on Muslims from several predominately Islamic nations .………………………………………Unconstitutional.
  4. Promise to call out China as a currency manipulator………………………………….Reversed.

The kicker should be the dearth of the recent tax overhaul proposal issued by the White House this week which caught the Treasury Department by surprise — so much that they have yet to comment. The proposed tax cuts were conjured primarily for the disproportional benefit of the rich without much else contemplated such as the looming deficit that would follow and the additional cuts to the budget and increases in other taxes that would have to be taken up to offset those government revenues to manage our extensive social infrastructure.

Trump is driven by the narcissistic supply and that base has a love blind view of Trump as their savior-in-chief.

Hatred stirreth up strifes: but love covereth all sins_Proverbs 10:12

And yet many will refuse to accept this notion that they have been sold a bill of goods by President Donald Trump simply because they fell head over heels for his absurd guile bravado. A graphic poll obtained from the Washington Post indicates a Post-ABC News polling of the victims of this confidence game.

Unequivocally unqualified

Based on this graphic above the Washington Post concluded that…

The only group that consistently viewed him as qualified to hold the position were the working-class white voters that constituted the core of his support from early in his candidacy.

In addition to that support as much as 25% of the non-white, working-class continued to view Trump consistently as qualified as well for president of the United States.

For those who merely thought that Trump excusably wasn’t ready to hold the nation’s highest position based on a CBS News polling from 2016 — a fossilized Trump who is 70 years old now — at what age would he be ready to do so?

This unqualified status was no secret and it remains an easy point to make — that the majority of Americans believe that Trump was unqualified all along. However, to me the crux of the matter is more baffling — the electoral college vote that ultimately paved the way for a Trump presidency. The perception, the uninformed beliefs, and the attitudes that motivated this vote seems predicated on what can be viewed as an acceptable risk with an unqualified Trump as just reward. This, since there was nothing found criminally amiss with the Clinton email server scandal on both occasions.

The tolerance for this type of risk is remarkable to say the least because it takes a virtue (tolerance) and juxtaposes it to dangerous exposure (risk). This is evident because even though a strong contingent within the majority saw Donald Trump as unqualified they still voted for him anyway.

Jefferson Fish Ph.D., a professor of Psychology at St. John’s University (NYC) and prominent author describes tolerance as a virtue that “is also a pragmatic formula for the functioning of society, as we can see in the omnipresent wars between different religions, political ideologies, nationalities, ethnic groups, or other us-versus-them divisions.” Fish goes on to distinguish tolerance from acceptance “as a step beyond tolerance”, in that “You can tolerate something without accepting it, but you cannot accept something without tolerating it.”

This may be the reason why I have written so much about the President thus far, because my livelihood is in his hands and I feel compelled to at least accept him on that basis alone.

“Here is the problem. It is possible to tolerate or accept someone without understanding him or her; and the same goes for tolerating or accepting a different culture. And the converse is also true. It is also possible to understand a culture or a person without acceptance, or even tolerance”__Jefferson M Fish Ph.D.


So if the electoral college vote/decision isn’t based on qualifications or competence, then it is reasonable to believe that is was based on an intolerable and unacceptable Hillary Clinton. Which leads me further, beyond the tolerance, and beyond acceptance — the understanding. I simply can’t understand the state of our government and its politics, let alone our president. As Fish stated well in this instance to cap this off.

Tolerance and/or acceptance are desirable, but they are not a substitute for understanding.



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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.