The numbers are really off the charts and none of these sources are capable or competent in pinning it down because it is immeasurable. I would say the lives lost due to the holocaust is dwarfed by the estimated number of Africans and African Americans killed by the transatlantic slave trade.

The holocaust may seem preeminent because of the proximity of whiteness or its racializations that suggest that those murders are significant to them because it is seen as intraracial homicide by a stream of consciousness found in both groups.

Significant in that this was not borne out of impoverishment but from pure fanatical racism. There is also this sense that whites can and do have an ally in the racialization of Jewish people who have become aligned with many aspects of whiteness in their supremacist ideology over others. Think presidential advisor Stephen Miller or Jared Kushner.🤨

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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