At what point does it become abundantly apparent and clearly evident to opportunists like Omarosa Manigault? When does it finally click that support for Trump is unavailing, inessential and pointless, whether it is self-serving or in principle earnest to address the concerns of minority communities, namely Black and Latinos, who have shown no influence and limited representation within the Republican Party.

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CNN and the New York Times has Donald Trump and his campaign reportedly wanting the Black vote. Opportunistically, Trump and his advisors are reaching, reaching for minority voters purely and blatantly out of desperation three months into the stretch. I’m sure he received David Duke’s blessing for all intents and purposes.

As reported in the NY Times…

Some of Mr. Trump’s advisers recognize the severity of the challenge and have called on him to broaden his campaign. Conceding that she is “extremely concerned” about Mr. Trump’s standing among blacks, Omarosa Manigault, his director of African-American outreach, said she wanted to bring him before black audiences.

“I am now looking at opportunities for Mr. Trump to get in front of key partners in the African-American community, particularly civil rights groups and faith groups, particularly historically black colleges and universities,” said Ms. Manigault, who achieved fame as a contestant on the first season of Mr. Trump’s television show “The Apprentice.”

“We have to make an effort,” she said. “It’s unacceptable to say, ‘Oh, it’s just too late, we are not going to try to do anything.’

The colorblind ideology behind this charade simply placates and broadly downplays how the power and scourge of racism has instilled an effective ethos of privilege counterbalanced by a pathos of despair that seemingly reinforces structural marginalization coming from white non-Hispanic groups.

When does it become irrelevant to you that no matter how much money or notoriety gets thrown your way you will have gained nothing in the end. That all you essentially will be doing is submitting and contributing to the facile Horatio Alger myths about success along with the critique proffered by most whites about the rationale for unequal success and wealth achieved comparatively by race in America. An ideology that has been overbought by many and certainly among more than a few minorities who are unwilling to accede that this is a highly unethical and morally reprehensible price to pay for their fallacious version of socioeconomic equality.

This is what you want? This is who you would like to represent you as an American? Is it worth it?

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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