The Petty Tyranny Of Trumpism

It does take two to tango to the absurd song and dance to this administration

Perhaps the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian reveals more than just devastation, death, and despair. While many of the inhabitants of the Abaco Islands — the north-western part of the archipelago that is the Bahamas, of whom are now displaced by the ravages of one of nature’s fury on our ever-changing earth, there are those with prosocial tendencies among us that display empathetic concern for Bahamians — their loss, for their presently uninhabitable habitat, and for their future outlook.

Hurricanes are nothing new to Caribbeanites but seemingly the frequency and intensity is. This ever-changing planet hosts a distinctive self-reflective species, so complex and evolved in comparison to other sentient beings, and capable or culpable in the socioeconomicial and sociotechnological influence harnessed in ways that has accelerated environmental changes in degree and scope.

A very powerful and influential nation’s popular destination city lies just under 200 miles from Great Abaco, Bahamas, and has received hundreds of evacuees impacted by Hurricane Dorian at its Port of Palm Beach site. Coincidentally Mar-a-Lago and Billionaire’s Row are in Palm Beach and less than 25 miles from this port.

The president of this very powerful and influential nation stated this on on September 10, 2019.

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Observingly, it appears instinctive and compulsive for President Trump to think of people of color first as gang members or drug dealers, it is like a knee-jerk reaction. Insistent that those humans affected by this awful tragedy are in need proper documentation, despite losing everything in a category 5 hurricane that lingered for over 24 hours moving at only 5mph during certain periods of 200mph winds dumping up to 30 inches of rain. They need this documentation despite the acting Commisioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Mark Morgan stating this during a news conference on September 9.

“If your life is in jeopardy and you’re in the Bahamas and you want to get to the United States, you’re going to be allowed to come to the United States, whether you have travel documents or not.”

That would seem like an un-callous and empathetic response coming from one of the most powerful and influential nations on earth, especially one that neighbours the unfortunately affected by a couple hundred miles, or roughly 3 and 1/2 hours away by air.

As is typical with Trump’s attitudes and behaviors towards nonwhites there is subdued outrage about this development because it appears most of us have gone numb to the petty tyranny and absurd placating to overlapping hard right republican ideology and white supremacist leanings.

Trump’s toxic leadership is a potent, combustible, reeking, mixture of callousness, racism and narcissism that is supported and mirrored by a racial hierarchical representation of electoral college of votes, demagoguery, insensitive beliefs, resentment, and motivated ignorance about their pseudo profound identity and sentiment of being a true American.

It is unAmerican though in spirit, and by philosophical reasoning, as well as by historical account that such uncaring, ungiving, and unconscionable stances in diplomacy and humanitarian decency could be dignifying or noble.

The toxicity that has contaminated the stream of consciousness within our preeminent Trumpist society is no more compelling than the demogoguery on display with forecasting of the hurricane.

As reported by The Hill

This week, we learned senior officials at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) rebuked their own scientists over their forecast for Hurricane Dorian. Scientists were told not to contradict the President Trump’s claims that Hurricane Dorian would hit Alabama — complete with threats of firings. It’s a clear-cut abuse of power — telling scientists to base their communications with the public on the president’s whims, not the evidence.

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It is those narcissistic whims enabled by flunkies and the indifferent in congress of the same racialized hierarchical order to proffer this unsung opportunity for Trump’s abuse of power. It is backed by the tribal faces you see at his rallies that do more to counter disloyalty and inspire fear in those who see everything that is wrong in and with the Trump administration. The message is clear, if you disagree with Trump as president then there will be socioeconomic consequences. If there is an ounce of dignity left in you then you will simply resign from serving this administration. Many have done just that, but congress however has shown that they have no dignity and have not proceeded with impeachment.

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Actually the corruption of the NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) in this non-independent instance and participation in what is really scientifically and empirically fake in terms of informative news has gotten more coverage than the ongoing humanitarian crisis in the Bahamas. And this is a shame for those who lack it.

Because of his narcissism and the affinity to this groupthink racialized identity, what transpired after Trump felt dissed by the contradiction to his unprofessional opinion is petty yet consequential, absurd, but utterly telling.

President Trump told his staff that the nation’s leading weather forecasting agency needed to correct a statement that contradicted a tweet the president had sent wrongly claiming that Hurricane Dorian threatened Alabama, senior administration officials said.

That led White House acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney to call Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross to tell him to fix the issue, according to the officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to talk publicly about the issue. Trump had complained for several days that forecasters from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration contradicted his Sept. 1 Alabama tweet, the officials said.

Mulvaney then called Ross, who was traveling in Greece, and told him that the agency needed to fix things immediately, the officials said. Mulvaney did not instruct Ross to threaten any firings or offer punitive actions. But Ross then called NOAA acting administrator Neil Jacobs, the officials said. That led to an unusual, unsigned statement from NOAA released on Sept. 6 that backed Trump’s false claim about Alabama and admonished the National Weather Service’s Birmingham, Ala., division for speaking “in absolute terms” that there would not be “any” impacts from Dorian in the state. The Weather Service is an arm of NOAA, which is an agency within the Commerce Department. The New York Times first reported some elements of the White House involvement.

I gather that working class people in the United States that obviously do not consist mainly of white people but of many diverse Americans do not or would not appreciate the sort of toxic leadeship on display in their government happening in their place of employment. There is overwhelming evidence though that most do deal with toxic leaders at work as well and may find that this is now par for the course.

That is troubling and not progressive for a society that is suppose to be seen as a democratic barometer of equality. Instead the petty tyranny of trumpism seems to be a tragic irony of what inspires American values and principles with a lust rather for control and strict adherence to this racialized acculturation to the social dominance orientation that has culminated outcomes that exacerbate cycles of deprivation for the underserved, unprivileged and the unfortunate.

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