The Power of Repeal and Replace or Delay as Symbolism Understood

It began in images and ended in symbolism.

— B.W. Powe

I understand the symbolism behind the repeal and replace initiative of the Affordable Care Act. Any other reason is purely irrational when the President has made it clear on numerous occasions during the past six years that he is open to amending it, strengthening it and making it work even better, but republicans had refused to even take up the issue and work on it, until now. That indignant rationale remains today, because to remove what many see as a historic, profound moment and accomplishment under the Obama legacy is the right type of symbolism to put forth for them and to forward their interests. To actually destroy this aspect of Obama’s legacy is symbolic because in Donald Trump’s lexicon it “has been a catastrophic event," furthermore ‘we won, and you lost,’ in and according to our majoritative democracy. Understood.

While amending the existing laws would prove less expensive and more pragmatic, especially when the very same republicans had threatened to shut down Congress more than once or twice over perceived budget proposals and deficits, it still wouldn’t be a gratifying compromise. Moreover, that the law is actually a template derived from republicans, it doesn’t and still wouldn’t square that Obama was able to get this done while they couldn’t. But over and above that, it is the symbolism however, behind repeal and replace that overrides any of this at any and all costs. Understood.

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Symbolism actually sends signals to the populace. It signals: the type of entitlement to healthcare we will have under this new government; what and how healthcare related resources will be distributed; and who will benefit as well as who will be shunned from healthcare coverage and protections. But paramount to all that I have listed it matters more that this administration under the electoral college (majoritarianism) gets to decide what is best for the American public and therefore receive the credit for it. We also understand the vindictiveness in the proposals from leadership in Congress specifically, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Understood.

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We know it would be hard to simply rebrand this without having to repeal and replace, even though most of the provisions would be in there, but for the individual mandate because Trump, “the negotiator-in-chief”, would simply bully those health insurance giants over costs. This is delusional to conceive of when we are dealing with a quasi-private sector industry in healthcare whose high-cost/high-risk structure is largely dependent on government regulation, subsidies, and funding to keeps costs where they currently are. We understand what the nominee by Trump for incoming Health and Human Services Secretary, Tom Price is doing and pushing for, in citing that the GOP will be putting back Pre-Existing Conditions under the “Continuous Coverage Exclusion” provision. Understood.

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Oh yes, he will pass it. This is understood!

“…enlightenment should be a human right.” — B. W. Powe

All of this is easily understood. We understand the concepts and resentful sentiments underlying the “tyranny of the majority”. If only the administration and all those senior advisors would just be open and honest about the bias and ideology that is truly driving this unnecessarily expensive and time wasting effort in governance, then there wouldn’t be this gray area of falsifications and basically lies. Understand?



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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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