The problem is so insidiously ingrained that its culturalization as a norm has had such tremendous effect. The workshop would only serve as a straw man attempt at virtue, but we know its all vice.

Case in point. Comments to the ABC interview and story featured in Yahoo. (warning: there is a bunch of yahoos on Yahoo!)

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All day. Everyday. The struggle is real.

Therefore, the beguiling use of plausible deniability and the impending workshop of straw man proposals will absolve whiteness for its undying efforts to defeat blackness.

It only takes 2 minutes to get the police called on you for noncompliance with the racial hierarchy and nonconformity to racial etiquette. This must be a new record because this usually happens much faster with brute force of violence.

Clearly and legally I suppose, this Matthew Effect of privilege and superiority is bequeathed to beneficiaries of the social construct. To them it is simply seen as fulfillment of the social contract, and so their mockery and sarcasm suggests that it would be asinine for them to have to give up their inheritance.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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