The same emotions have erupted within me when I read your response , and I can’t help but wonder not only how you have had to deal with this but how my mother — R.I.P, my sisters, my aunts, my cousins, and my friends have had to deal with their gazes and thought processes that they may or may not holdback, but transmit brazenly as marginalization, oppression, and hatred under the auspices of racism.

For me, every time, it’s like ripping a scab off a wound I almost forgot was there. I’m simply a person walking around, until someone reminds me I’m one of “those black women.” _ Ré Harris

The toxic leadership article was never in the context of racism because they wanted it to be seen as only a somewhat rare personality deficit or hiccup in an otherwise evolved first world society. It is more so whitewashed or dominantly framed as an amelioration of the human condition that can be corrected as we evolve. I don’t think so. I easily applied this to this strain of racism. But this is their pseudo intellectual spin to deflect and not acknowledge that these concepts has its origins in dehumanization and the biggest contributor/beneficiary to that cause is indeed whiteness.

I will always be beside you calling this out. Thanks for sharing.

Peace and stay blessed.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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