The (socially constructed) minority community that we (existentially) belong to

…facing higher Covid-19 fatality rates even though we are a small fraction of the population

By institutional and infrastructural design any catastrophic event experienced here in the U.S. would disproportionately impact African American communities in both health and economic terms.

“Why is it three or four times more so for the black community as opposed to other people?” Trump said. “It doesn’t make sense, and I don’t like it, and we are going to have statistics over the next probably two to three days.”

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Actually, Mr. President, all of this does makes sense if you consider politics to be the pretext of state sanctioned, informal rules of pervasive discrimination that indubitably inform and influence our societal norms with the subtext of prevailing inequality which proffers advantages over ethnic groups.

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Our social norms is predicated on this coordination and or cooperation under socially defined constructs for a set of established games that existentially posits our sexuality, race, religion and class into competing divisions that oftentimes overlap for psuedo scarce resources. Health inequities are not caused by a society-wide condition of limited availability, that would be like saying water is a scarcity. Healthcare like water is instead made to be limited or contrived as such by a society bent on creating an efficient market for it. Water is necessary for a fully functional and healthy society to flourish, just as healthcare equities are necessary for a fully functional and healthy society to flourish. When a society becomes ill-advised by motivated reasoning and or motivated ignorance, strategies are then contrived to make available resources limited for the sake of market efficiency which then cause us to run into these Nash equilibrium problems since we are either manipulated, forced and or incentivized to play along.

We can start by honestly exploring the expectations and beliefs that give way to such strategies. The development and persistence of such negative racialized or iequitable norms and conventions, formally rejected publicly or politically yet informally sanctioned and coordinated in scope and degree to produce disproportionately bad outcomes, is quite a phenomenon. This is done all for the sake of preventing non-cooperation — in other words exacting some degree of control and adherence to socially constructed social order. This phenomena is explicitly expressed in the socioeconomic disequilibria present in African American communities.

According to a research article published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America are the tangible and intangible evidence of why the any pandemic liek the one we face would disproportionately impact African American and any other disadvantaged communities.

Beliefs that blacks and whites are fundamentally and biologically different have been prevalent in various forms for centuries. In the United States, these beliefs were championed by scientists, physicians, and slave owners alike to justify slavery and the inhumane treatment of black men and women in medical research (2025). In the 19th century, prominent physicians sought to establish the “physical peculiarities” of blacks that could “serve to distinguish him from the white man” (23). Such “peculiarities” included thicker skulls, less sensitive nervous systems, and diseases inherent in dark skin (20, 21, 23). Dr. Samuel Cartright, for instance, wrote that blacks bore a “Negro disease [making them] insensible to pain when subjected to punishment”

When the stats do come in, as the president as noted, they will mull over it with the feelings that accompany their cognitive dissonance like shame, discomfort, tension, and anxiety and reflexively countenance with a psychological projection of blame shifting as previously done many times before. It is worthy to note that some African Americans as well as some in other respective minority groups are not immune to the infection of this blame shift unto their own community in the most delusional of ways, even though as a minority they could only placate such norms and not mount these strategic norms of privileging and disadvantaging racially among groups in the first place.

Exhibit A.

Why white people and other model minority groups are not being told the same is a head-scratcher here, if in fact this information is indeed necessary to disseminate. Taking personal responsibility for the adverse effects deriving from a history of institutional callousness, prejudice, disadvantage and political powerlessness would be a quixotic task to accomplish. Are we to turn around and respond by saying Good lookin’ out bro, 🤔🤨?

And yet somehow, and quite ironically for those who are unaware, those who are indifferent, or for those who are being undermined to be oddly comforted in finding that blame in particular can be shared in some instance. I’d say this is a clever scheme to shut people up but nah, there is nothing clever about stupidity.

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Stupidity is a kind of intellectual stubbornness. A stupid person has access to all the information necessary to make an appropriate judgment, to come up with a set of reasonable and justified beliefs and yet fails to do so. The evidence is staring them right in the face but it makes no difference whatsoever. They believe what they want to believe. Not only do they have no good reasons for thinking that what they believe is true — there are often good reasons for thinking that what they believe is false. They are not acting in a rational manner.

So what pray tell will the administration and its institutions do with this apparently redundant information this time? African Americans have always had to deal with several epidemics threatening their communities simultaneously. It seems personal responsibility for our mere existence in stirring white fragility, angst and resentment is one of them. The more complex, irrelevant, conspiratorial and equally stupid the rationale for existing racial, health and economic inequities, the more they are absurd by occam’s razor standards.

It would be rather easy to simply change by acknowledign our interdependence. Will societal norms of discrimination change so that we have equity among health and economic outcomes that are not disproportionate?

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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