The Souring Privilege With Having A Gun

The privilege of guns would be a cherished notion if it were steeped in having the presence of sound mind, driven by a social responsibility, and proven by moral character but it is not. It is not a privilege because anyone can get their hands on one. It is not a privilege because too many percceive it as a prerequisite right of being an American. Far too many see only the right of possessing a gun as a license to use violent force in forwarding a self-righteous cause. A cause emboldened with the effect to initmidate, maim and kill, indignantly and criminally. Far too many perceive the ownership of guns as a right to personal protection from an existential threat to guard against a privilege self-appointed and unearned. Even more misuse armaments has a way to challenge the law by which the means that are anything but necessary. And far too often many have sullied the privilege of gun ownership with an impassioned effrontery stance of claiming it to be a right.

Many continue to perceive this fanatic behaviorial pursuit of obtaining and misusing guns with ensuring and protecting a free state. I assure you that guns are not what ensures the security of a free society, it only provides for an anarchy state; lawless and dangerous. Democratic principles that respect and inspire life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness is what maintains a free state. It is is evident that there is a failing and a miscomprehension of how unregulated possession of guns has invoked a perverse right that trumps empathy and civility within our society. The gallup polls statistically indicates that most Americans agree with this notion and the President and his emotional pleas to pursuit presidential orders have plausible merit contrary to the congressional dissonance. Once again the President had said nothing to the effect of “taking away your guns”. Obama is simply trying to strengthen and enhance the current process in place.

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Mass shootings are indicative of its misuse by shedding blood, taking lives, tearing families apart; most poignantly among them are the young and innocent in the most vulnerable of places. Yet many maintain that this is their right.

Within the vortex of this vicious cycle of violence is the inexplicable right to access and misuse of a gun. The maelstrom of compulsive behaviors is confounded further by the illegitimate exercise of the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. The unfettered access to guns is hardly a right contextually, rather it is a terrible excuse for a souring privilege. It reeks of iniquity as it infringes on the personal rights of others at impetuous will. The immediate chaos and ensuing destruction of arming oneself is what makes it a profound privilege to begin with. Criminals have guns and so we all have to be armed against them. This doesn’t provide mcuh logic. A national and extensive vetting and regulation of weapons would do more to mitigate the inherent criminality for guns and promote responsible gun ownership to a privilege, however this is obviously not the case, the current effect is now seen as an excuse. An excuse to keep the vivious cycle at a rapid spin. This allure to a brand of justice in vigilantism rendered in a summary manner is faulty. This manner of justice and security in which one feels empowered within a narrow frame negates all the civility that society has thus evolved towards.

While we are on the topic of excuses there is a double-standard that looms largely over the racial dynamics in the way we approach gun homicides. Clearly, gun violence that plague poor minority areas are not treated in the same manner of approach nor empathy provided to the majority whites whether they are victims or perpetrators in gun violence. This preferential and prejudicial system of governance is inexcusable.

Gun rights advocates are devolving back to a history that they are not fully cognitive of and they exemplify their willful ignorance with nonsensical diatribes which are void of sensible compromise and law abiding grievances. Instead they are entrenched in an ideology that is irreverent. Aiding and abetting an industry that is very much invested financially with the white framing of those personally invested the souring privilege of gun ownership that comes with an ill-defined cause.

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