The Trump supporters you so rightly described here constitute what we know as an idiocracy. While they continue to exult their heartfelt misfortune to these self-proclaimed white saviors they deploy the fictions of anti-immigration and affirmative action to scapegoat the very same issues they propagate — inequality and job insecurity and they continue to want to not only cause this they help to promote it.

Since these uninformed and irrational people rely on tribalistic whiteness to gain advantage and a sense of security, they are more apt than us to embrace a dystopian view and outlook.

The idiocy embedded in that notion is self-reinforcing. When you combine this with racism, religiosity and illiteracy you get President Donald Trump. This! Especially after the first Black President — who is far more credentialed and veritably deliberate has discomfited them by discrediting their whiteness (there are even white liberals who have a problem with him and what he has accomplished).

This newfound victimhood proclaiming reverse racism is denialism on steroids. I would love to flip this script as well right back on them by stating the obvious: the failure of Trump supporters to assimilate as a multicultural nation predicated on life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness makes them inferior and less evolved. May I suggest a going back to Europe movement?

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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