The Trump-worthy, Not Noteworthy Dilemma Of Democracy

Trump’s ascendancy to the White House has only made him the ultimate reality tv host, star and producer, not role model and certainly not president.

I regrettably admit to inadvertently contributing to this side show, placed front and center, that inundates us with 24–7 exposure to this remarkable buffoonery and Machiavellian peddling of influence hastening our social decline.

Exhibit A.

Democracy requires that its electorate participate and utilize the expression of ideas, thoughts, and progress to continuously pollinate or seed the freedoms that blossom as inalienable rights. Our political climate has no doubt impacted our democratic seasons with a veritable drought and or frost in decorum, empiricism, truth and interdependence. The only thing coming up rosily is this stark authoritarian crop of disingenuous weeds in our midst.

Our ruderal sociopolitical environment has reaped a noxious and unchecked divisive atmosphere that harm the fruit of our democratic existence. The disturbance is partly due to the absurd overgrazing on democracy that has enabled this subgroup to infringe on the rights of other subgroups in coexistence. The conspicuously undesirable aspect of democracy yielding Trumpian attitudes and behaviors endanger the very environment they thrive in.

Trump with profound success continues to erode the quality of our democracy — its core principles and values — through this inane degradation of statesmanship and politics over time leading many to wonder whether anything good could come from such a poor foundation that is being laid by this administration. Let’s face the reality of the reality show hype and false advertising of the damaging fertilizer agent in the Make America Great Again mantra.

When reporter Kevin Vesey with News 12 Long Island attempted to provide an unbiased story from the perspective of angry demonstrators in Commack, NY he was ridiculed and harassed by them in a way only reality tv could have presented it. The presidential tweet of approval capped it off with additional ratings that once again inadvertently and regrettably had, and held my attention in appalling fashion.

Even has over 85,000 Americans and counting have succumbed to the corona virus and the consequence of a recession is just over yonder.

On Friday night though the country’s most powerful man joined those praising the protesters who made it difficult for Vesey to do his job. “FAKE NEWS IS NOT ESSENTIAL!” Trump tweeted as he shared the video. On Saturday the president again shared the video, which includes a protester giving the reporter the finger, while he praised the demonstrators as “great people!”

The idea of anti-protestors granted cover by the president of the United States as “good people” is more than just overdoing democracy. It is not doing democracy right at all. Its overcultivation is counterintuitively dumb and what is yielded is illusory to truth when they consider everything Trump claims to be fake news. It is in excess of plausible and reasonable consumption leading to erosion of democratic and practical value.

The scant aspect of democracy that Trump and his supporters can explicate and exploit have done more harm than the hard to find nano speck of good his presidency has claimed to have produced. But since it falls under the auspices of democracy, it not only confounds rationale, intelligence and actual reality, but dissembles the intentions and emotive of hatred, greed, and selfishness that is all too common a factor in the cohesiveness of Trump support. None of which is found to be democratically or humanly noteworthy.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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