The truth unbeknown or denied by many could set us all free.

I appreciate you sharing your personal and familial experiences of struggle and fortitude Jordan. In it I see an all too familiar pattern that is woven into the social fabric that created ‘Old Glory’, a banner that we not only pledge our allegiance to but commit ourselves to in the belief that the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness can be found — where it is emblazoned high above to be seen.

Strategies to combat these louche redpill factions are not compact, it would take a newly prefaced stream of consciousness in a continuum of intercultural endeavors to remedy those issues. Issues of cognitive dissonance, that feed or perpetuate sociopathic vices to mete out grievances veiled by virtuous attempts to restore nationalistic pride and stir up patriotism can only be stamped out by the truth. Methods are as varied as they are numerous.

Unfortunately, there will be those who are hard of hearing, hard of learning, hard of feeling, and hard of seeing, to want to be culturally competent. The foolhardy and their insistence on vitiating the moral and ethical spirit of humanity warrants an elevated set of incorruptible judicial competencies.

Cultural competency should be incentivized as an altruistic feature of capitalism and democratic social reform. It warrants acceptable and appropriate empathy with an equally appropriate and acceptable emotional intelligence to redefine post-constitutional principles that should protect the freedoms of all Americans. This is currently done in blunt, short and sweet, ill-conceived simplicity, that is open to only the interpretations of rebuttable populist sentiment of white patriarchy. It should be an intercultural exercise interpreted as a reflectively live document that accounts for the array of complexities of democratic sovereignty, built by the people and for the people, and from the positioning that we all are equal.

I am cognizant of the all vulnerabilities laid bare by the very poverty encouraged in many aspects by an exploitative economy, government and media complex that contribute to a plethora of pathologies ranging from metal illnesses to cognitive biases. We should be more than just willing to create a culture of psychological safety to combat what has become an unfettered and unforgiving scourge of capitalistic and authoritarian cannibalism. A culture of psychological safety begins and ends with our families, local communities, our place of work, and in our governments. That would require social programs that are admittedly based on a truth told of a history of governance that both directly and indirectly created socioeconomic dissonances that resulted in this longstanding racial and class warfare.

Do They Know That They Are Simply Playing Blame Games

Instead of being impressed upon or showing ambivalence to the destructive power of divisive rhetoric through a contagion of blaming others for completely unrelated failures, we need to call out bad alternatives that merely adds to a vicious cycle. We need to enforce and validate plausible alternatives that are inclusive of the poor and the disadvantaged of any so called race or creed. We should not dictatorially condescend and alienate their willingness and worthy participation in a democracy. To ensure that we are all afforded this equality we need to be adequately provided the opportunity to engage in prudent civics.

This is a democratic government with a history of sociopolitical manipulation, control and oppressive vices. It has capitalized on each and everyone for self-interest, privilege and dominance in a never-ending blame game. It has yet to capitalize on the virtues of humanity. Instead it has exploited it for fraudulent gain and profits, extreme violence and control.

This blame game narrative is the same old book with a different cover every time. The Matthew Effect of the Blame Game is profound in all of its complexities.

You have conversed an aspect of it very well because within the vortex of white supremacy and white privilege there are Blacks who are swept up in similar behavior of resentment and resistance that is learned as an affect of a stereotyped malevolent identity. That anger is expressed in senseless wrong-doing that perpetuate the stereotype to resounding effect, even if it is an occurrence of typical crime and offense that only seem to rise to absurd levels. When Jim Crow law enforcement obscures statistics with false arrests and harassment this fallaciously validates the blame.

Everything from Missing White Girl Syndrome to Racial hoaxes, whites calling the police on Blacks in shared public spaces or discriminated against or mentally abused in private spaces play up the Matthew Effect of occurrences. Racism amplifies the relative occurrence of crime to absurd levels of generally accepted racial blame for societal ills. This is the propaganda that is ignored to a large extent because it is all too easy to play the blame game that was started during this nation’s founding.

Poor whites are placed on the frontlines of this racist and classist warfare and they too suffer casualties. For what? and why? The motivated ignorance and vulnerabilities of being weak and or poor is what has mentally enslaved them into dehumanizing behavior. Given to introspection in retrospect they would probably loath to see that they are fighting a lost cause.

I am going to be excruciatingly honest here and say that the affect of racism is absolutely plaguing my mental health. I am not alone but I can surely articulate this fact for myself. I am much more depressed and filled with anxiety than ever before. The sad thing about this is that there will be someone who will come across this discussion and feel good about my troubling disposition. They will feel like they are winning. They will see this as a victory for their race. They will celebrate their small racialized contribution to my accelerated demise.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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