The xenophobic cries of psychosomatic whiteness running rabid in this country is reaching a crescendo.

From abortion to immigration, and from China to Iran, the tangentiality of Donald Trump and his administration’s policies and or anxieties are rife with delirium and mania in full view.

The Iran situation was instigated and exacerbated by him and I fear many innocent lives will be lost because of the preponderance of ignorance that has taken hold of this nation.

This fear mongering on Iran is as absurd as the fear mongering on immigration and loss of jobs, as it is on white extinction in the U.S. as seen in the near total ban on abortion in Alabama, as it is on lowering taxes so that the rich can provide jobs to the middle class and poor.

The sum of all these fears is resentment, hatred and inequality.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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