There is always something about my reductionist essays surrounding this phenomena that rubs you the wrong way Mr. Crawford.

I hope people read this very short discussion here.

You’ve extrapolated seemingly ubiquitous traits that only serve to confuse or confound folks who aren’t Trump supporters but are sensitive or have some disposition towards one or more of those debatable issues or concepts you named. Whether you intended to or not, you only sought to unnecessarily complicate or add complexity to the matter.

Black Trump supporters like Silk and Diamond find comfort in ingratiating Trump and his supporters because of the incentives they’ve been able to extract from it. They exemplify what knowing your place on the racial ladder is and thus are duly rewarded. The color of their skin doesn’t make it less racist at all.

Their mental representation informs the narrative or framing that derives from whiteness, and only whiteness. They have learned it well by acculturation as has many susceptible and opportunistic minority members have. They, like many others accept the falsity of white being the default identity of America so they simply just marginalize themselves to appease their oppressors.

Yes. That is disturbing but its derivation is whiteness. History serves as evidence and the institutions simply personify whiteness.

There are Trump supporters inter alia who don’t love guns, don’t resent taxes, are not opposed to abortion, are not protestants, and exhibit no xenophobic sensibilities, but they are comforted by the entitlement and privilege afforded by the racial hierarchy and enforced by white supremacy. They simply benefit and are comforted by the arrangement that Trump incites nonetheless. There are however, non-Trump supporters, inter alia, who exhibit all those traits but would rather see white supremacy done away with. They recognize that inequality is unsustainable and has been a constant threat to democracy and most emphatically progress.

You may be wondering about xenophobia but as it relates to immigration policies that do more harm than good and that has essentially weakened the middle class and weakened unions and created job insecurity, there are non Trump supporters who would exhibit practical xenophobic sensibilities without chanting “build that wall”.

See that. I have just rendered those traits irrelevant.

Clearly, I have simplified this. If you were a member of an advisory board of a major corporation you would seek to remove Trump as your CEO. You wouldn’t hesitate or just let things play out. No matter how much attention the corporation receives you would seek his ouster. There are other members on that board who simply have an interest or find comfort in having such a man as CEO and would like to see how things play out. You will find an underlying premise that make them indifferent or supportive of a rogue and incompetent CEO. Why? Because stripping away all the things that made him a possible candidate: his so called business acumen=false; his self-reported wealth=false; his popularity=false; and his whiteness=true, we can eliminate all but one aspect of his candidacy. It doesn't take a mathematician to guess what we are left with.

To view this as some labyrinthine problem only leads people nowhere. It largely ignores or denies the facts as you so demonstrably done here. It is obvious that whiteness and its underlying premise of maintaining unearned privilege and entitlement is tantamount to everything else. This as we bear witness to the idiocy and incompetence to this day and beyond, even at the detriment of others and to themselves.

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Marley K.

Written by

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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