There is sophistry in this. While you have clearly called out some of the more obvious monochromatic examples of this I have just spent a few minutes exposing some of the more sophistic ways whites and their beloved whiteness not only want to dictate who, what and where you can find racism but how said racism can be and should be addressed.

Exhibit A.

This was in response to my piece on

It appears I lack the proper perspective of being poor 🤨🤣 . I am also too condescending and paternalistic to deal with racism.

She forgot to mention that I should blame this on Obama. I f you happen to come across and read any of her stuff, she comes off as if whiteness is a kind of handicap or autoimmune disease they have, and that they are just simply trying to cope with it. That’s hilarious.

This from an unsolicited ally. Because as you already know they find pleasure in helping their compatriots escape the unbearable truths about their whiteness.

I kid you not. She did not even offer me cake. She proceeded to lick her fingers right in front of me.

This is stand-up material.

Written by

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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