№5 — Things A Dictator Would Do And Say


The goal of totalitarian propaganda is to sketch out a consistent system that is simple to grasp, one that both constructs and simultaneously provides an explanation for grievances against various out-groups. It is openly intended to distort reality, partly as an expression of the leader’s power. Its open distortion of reality is both its greatest strength and greatest weakness.

Donald Trump is trying to define a simple reality as a means to express his power. The goal is to define a reality that justifies his value system, thereby changing the value systems of his audience. Two questions remain: What is the simple reality that Trump is trying to convey? And what is the value system to which this simple story is intended to shift voters to adopt? — Jason Stanley

There is a modest decline in ratings for the NFL this year. However there are many contributing factors to consider besides calling out the national anthem protests. That would be an oversimplification of a phenomena that proves to be an elaborate and tricky science to pinpoint and narrow down. Think shifting demographics and trends, concussion protocols, officiating, how the games are now watched versus traditional television, other leagues, or even weather. And still the NFL is the most watched sporting event in the U.S.

Paulsen, the editor and chief of Sports Media Watch said what many rational people would find to be unbiasedly qualifiable. As Paulsen highlights the NFL is not alone here.

"I think it’s really important to note the NFL is not declining while other leagues are increasing. NASCAR ratings are in the cellar right now. The NBA had some of its lowest rated games ever on network television last year … It’s an industry-wide phenomenon and the NFL isn’t immune to it anymore.”

Even the way polling data is obtained on the matter may skew the results by how the question has been posed. We should know better not to paint with such broad strokes on intricately thorny issues but the White House Administration is too keen on doing just that, by blatantly if not ironically, calling it “pretty black and white there”.

Sanders brief press on Trump’s NFL remarks

“I don’t think there’s much to clarify,” Sanders said. “It’s pretty black and white there.”

The mostly black player league has mostly white owners. The president suggests that the owners must be afraid to punish their players. The resolve he offers is that you got be tough on them.


The White House messenger helps to further distort reality in ways that are surely laughable. Sanders has remarked that Trump’s comments “shouldn’t be about the NFL against the president. This should be about our country coming together” — apparently because he says so by oppressive, belittling, and dehumanizing force no doubt. Trump’s enculturation process — albeit a bit dictatorial and unconstitutional — was described better when she added…

“This isn’t an us-versus-them, this would be something that brings our country together. These are symbols of what our country stands for so that’s the opposite of what that is. This should be a very unifying moment, when the national anthem plays, all Americans should be proud to stand up, salute that flag, salute that anthem, and be part of that process.”

Enculturation is the process where the culture that is currently established teaches an individual the accepted norms and values of the culture or society where the individual lives. The individual can become an accepted member and fulfill the needed functions and roles of the group. Most importantly the individual knows and establishes a context of boundaries and accepted behavior that dictates what is acceptable and not acceptable within the framework of that society. It teaches the individual their role within society as well as what is accepted behavior within that society and lifestyle.—Conrad Phillip Kottak (in Window on Humanity) Wikipedia Commons




It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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