Things A Dictator Would Say

#1 — From Things Only A Dictator Would Say Series

There is a line of people who are apt to agree with such a statement coming from the leader of the free and democratic world.


According to the LATimes

Trump’s latest tirade against NBC was triggered when it reported last week that Secretary of State Rex Tillerson privately called Trump a “moron” and nearly quit the administration out of concern about the president’s behavior and policies. Tillerson denied he said that, after initially declining a chance to deny it.

The network followed up Wednesday with a report on what Trump had said to prompt Tillerson to make the comment. Tillerson spoke, the network said, following a July 20 national security meeting at which Trump advocated a near-tenfold increase in the nuclear arsenal and questioned why he lacked the larger stockpile that past presidents had. Advisors told him that the U.S. since has entered into numerous treaties to reduce arsenals and that current weaponry is more potent.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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