Things are bad and I absolutely acknowledge the concern in your comments

Let me start by defusing the notion that what I have written is some open insult and that I am falling for Trump’s bullshit by bad mouthing democrats who are the only ones who can and will end this reign of terror as you say. The democrats are in need of similar but sanely affirmative and encouraging populism to compete with the republicans but haven’t even attempted to muster it. Therefore, it is I that is rather insulted, as well as many of my fellow politically homeless Americans, by the legitimacy granted to the remarkable idiocy and stupidity in return that has landed upon our politics and government. I am hoping that my constructive criticism will help to muster more support for accountability with our governance.

As for this quagmire that we find ourselves in, the more expressive we are about our disappointments or the more engaging we are about solutions that would benefit most and not just a few, then the more apt we are to get better representations to choose from on the ballot. We have to be willing to hold them accountable as well. It isn’t a one and done thing as we have come to witness and bear.

The casual lack of concern that I ascribe to democrats stems from them resting on their laurels time and time again. This occurred when they were in control of the house and the senate and took the White House, and it is happening now that they aren’t in power.

Let me explain why this party seems idiotic on so many levels. Democrats are using this electoral mistake as some comeuppance for not having their establishment favored candidate win the presidency. They corruptively took the primary even though it has become clear that the nomination process by the DNC was biased with its operations and decisions. As Vox as summarily noted that…

To the extent Democratic primary voters feel like they were denied a broad range of candidates in 2016, and that party officials tried to clear the field to coronate Clinton, well, they’re right.

…this seems too narrow a range to me to choose from, just by the looks of it. Clearly the grass roots concern and voices of the democratic and independent parties were not even heard much less tended to. Bernie Sanders is not a victim here either, he was a beneficiary of that apparent bias and in his own idiocy squandered it away.

Allow me to define idiocy here.

Idiocy shares with idiom and idiosyncratic the root idios, which means private, separate, self-centered — selfish. “Idiotic” was in the Greek context a term of reproach. When a person’s behavior became idiotic — concerned my- opically with private things and unmindful of common things — then the person was believed to be like a rudderless ship, without consequence save for the danger it posed to others.

It is the fecklessness of this party that has legitimated the stupidity in the other. There is much to speak up for and deliberate against but I hear nothing from the Democratic leadership.

I did not vote for this. The people who didn’t vote are saying, ‘this is why I didn’t vote at all’.

That is the fundamental nature of the job: to motivate people to vote. Thomas Edsall, one of the most even-keeled of journalists who isn’t in the least part of the presstitute media, described the democrats well in his piece titled “Liberals need to Take Their Fingers Out of Their Ears”.

Many Democrats continue to have little understanding of their own role — often inadvertent, an unintended consequence of well-meaning behavior — in creating the conditions that make conservatives willing to support Trump and the party he is leading.

Bernie Sanders, for his part has this strange arrangement with the Democratic party whilst being an independent. But he really is a liberal democrat and has done very little to reform the democratic party into being more progressive. He has done even less with convincing republicans to band together on his brand and abandon racial animosity and gender divisiveness in order to make socioeconomic opportunities sustainable and viable for Americans.

For all his political virtues, Sanders has had difficulty connecting his message of economic populism to the other major social justice concerns of the modern left, such as race, gender, and sexuality. And unless he overcomes these problems, he will be unable to achieve his goal of expanding beyond his base and sparking a popular mass movement. — Kathleen Geier,

Sanders, who much like the Democratic party he likes to lambast, has failed to moderate immigration rhetoric which would shun the extremist measures offered and that have taken place under the Trump administration. Measures that are essentially unAmerican and that are unapologetically stupid are now being obfuscated by lies and backpedaling due to the administration’s ineptitude.

There is some nuance between idiocy and stupidity. Stupdity is what the republicans have run successfully on. The explicit harm imposed on others where no benefit could possibly be attained are motivated by ignorance. The harm that it presents upon the party itself is hardly being realized. This is the height of stupdity. It is why we have no foreign policy nor economic policy.

Between now and the midterm elections I see no democratic reform taking place. Why? There is plenty of material offered up by the republicans. There is opportunity to clearly identify the harms and create a reformed democratic platform of solutions to prevent these harms instead of exploiting them. They seem to be waiting for both shoes to drop and be begged upon to clean up the mess. That is an insouciant way to govern.

It would be arrogant of me to not criticize the floundering democrats and their inaction. The old guards in Schumer, and Pelosi and many others need to replaced. The democrats claim they don’t have the power, and observingly they don’t for legislation but they do have campaigning power which is abundantly seen daily in the polls. But they refused to use it to their advantage because of ill advised political schadenfreude.

Failure to capitalize on these numbers seem to be giving Trump a lift of late. No real opposition presented. Simply deploring the actions of the president isn’t enough. That response seems to invigorate the republicans angst towards the democrats’ elitism. The red states in particular seem to enjoy the democrats’ look of repugnance which is only fodder for more anti-political correctness.

For the moment, the left is both stunned and infuriated by the vehement animosity it faces from red America, which is made up of counties that are 84 percent less dense than blue America, 37 percent less racially and ethnically diverse, and 34 percent more white.

Voters in red America are 44 percent less likely to be college graduates and 22 percent more likely to have served in the armed forces.

Right now they are imbibing on alternative facts and are mired in this rabid aversion to truth to the historical record of multiculturalism that has preceded them. You can’t simply require that these constituents just fall in line with moral strictures, they must be made to feel that they patriotically play an instrumental part in what makes their country transcendently red, white, and blue.

I do thank you Irene for the opportunity to revisit and clarify my remarks on this critique. Your passion is not lost on me and I welcome it as a teachable and motivating moment to be mindful about the intersectionality of the moment.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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