Things Only A Dictator Would Do And Say No. 12

An Unrequited State Of The Union Address Has Trump Infuriated But A Parade Will Show’ Em Who’s Boss

The Dictator-in-Chief wants a military parade. 😕😑🤨 Oh, and he wants to honor our troops and show off our military strength.

The New Yorker has provided a simulation of what the military parade would be like coming down Pennsylvania Avenue, a route that passes along Trump International Hotel.

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The New Yorker

👏 I am pre-clapping here so that I don’t appear treasonous and also out of fear of being abducted by Secret Service for questioning.

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This is not at all that surprising. We all could have seen this coming shortly after Trump assumed office when he proclaimed that he will strengthen our military.

“And, hopefully, we’ll never have to use it, but nobody is going to mess with us. Nobody. It will be one of the greatest military buildups in American history.”

Trump seemingly was inspired by the Bastille Day events last summer in France.

France paraded about 6,500 soldiers before Trump, representing a little more than 3 percent of the 209,000 personnel in their active armed forces. The active U.S. military is more than six times the size of France’s, and its reserves are nearly 40 times as large. So a proportionate show of force would include 40,000 U.S. troops (roughly two entire Army or Marine divisions) — a larger parade than any here since the Civil War. Military parades celebrating the end of World War II and the 1991 Persian Gulf War included 13,000 and 8,800 troops, respectively, still larger than the French parade that so impressed Trump but far short of the massive martial displays in foreign capitals such as Moscow or Beijing.

It would seem plausible that Trump’s White House and military brass would use the idea as part of the psychological warfare going on at home and attempt to nationalistically indoctrinate you into believing that this improves morale for the military and bridges our sociopolitical divide.

Employment of despotic methods of political and social control. Such methods range from intimidation to propaganda, from imposing the duty of obedience to methods of terror. ___ International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences

There appears to be this need for the president to flex 💪 at home and to show up both allies and foes abroad with this despotic form of propaganda, which by the way would be incredibly expensive and quite illogical. The more rational minded set amongst us would not be able to resist trying to discern Trump’s mental state as president of the United States.

Somewhat predictably, dictators do not relate in a normal manner to other people in a person-to-person, empathetic way. They may associate themselves with “people” as a whole or “people” in a tribal or abstract pan-world sense (as Hitler may have had with pan-Germanism, or Stalin with pan-Slavic sentiments), or even with “the world”-anonymous variables that they exploit at their own discretion. But beyond any generalized pan-nationalistic “empathy,” which they usually exploit at their own discretion, what actually makes a person psychopathic? — Psychology Today

My portrayal of Donald Trump as a dictator, admittedly, seems exaggerated due to the appearance of checks and balances within our political systems, but what keeps the president from truly exploiting the power of the presidency is the constitution and this concept of democracy that is only validated by the will of the people.

Should the constitutional and democratic will of an immigrant nation dissipate or the sentimentality behind Americanism take a hard right turn, then what would prevent him from sanctioning alt right, white supremacist, nationalistic militias as heroes doing the kind of henchmen work found in the rogue, authoritarian or totalitarian regimes of other nations? The fear and loathing perpetuated by our congress provides the right backdrop for this steep moral descent into opportunistic polity. What is to prevent what cognitively is the faulty dominant framing by Trump and his surrogates — of what it means to be an American under this administration?

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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