This Blackface Thing

Blackface is inspired by this social dominance orientation and is an effective means of the wearer’s posturing. Effective in that this posturing encourages racialization and arouses dissension. To diffuse it with humor or free speech leads to suspicion and skepticism of and by the Black collective identity parodied with sociopathic absurdity. To negate the harm through recontextualization of Blackface is not a very creative form of self-deception. It is an apparent delusion of flattery.

In knowing or not knowing that this does produce a negative reaction, it nevertheless is a derivative of the historical record of hatred, marginalization, segregation, callousness and violence towards Blacks, so in turn what sort of consciousness would justify such impudent posturing. One that is encouraging, indifferent, and enabling in the existential character of superfluous whiteness.

It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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