This brings me to this very point. The issue of sexual assault and its ramifications on the supreme court nominee. What should be a human issue has been politicized into a winner takes all event in politics.

There will be no introspection let alone a remedy, for the social ills that continue to be a plague on our humanity. We have siphoned off whatever interdependence we have evolved into having only to be left with the acrimonious savagery that the political media complex forces us to consume.

It is not merely enough to change the tides come November, there needs to be a calming of the waters. Those biased, resentful, and unempathetic forces that churn our emotions have only sunken us with despair and disillusion.

There is a lot of urgency in your piece here Marley K. and it needs to be read.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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