This concept or notion that corporations or businesses are combating or giving the appearance that racism is intolerable is merely a charade. There is money on the line here and they are very fine people on both sides that serve capitalism in this vein. The president has exposed this ignorance for what it is in many aspects of absurdity. Racialization is a cultural phenomena here and it is embedded in the psyche of all its citizenry as part of the assimilation process of being an American, it is impossible to wish it away or in the workplace deny its plausibility.

The actions of the Assistant General Manager is the corporation’s plausible deniability. The fact that there are people of various races working there serves as plausible deniability. The fact that they responded to you Marley K. serves as plausible deniability, and unfortunately those who will read your article (written by a Black woman stereotypically known to be angry) will silently express plausible deniability of your claims based on the persistence and thus plausibility of racialization.

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This does not diminish your claim nor your reaction to the affront you faced during your stay at this establishment. But it does make a scapegoat out of racism on the part of the corporate entity making it unactionable legally as well as mentally because they have done the bare minimum to denounce and evade culpability.

This is where we come to the psuedo profoundly lame excuse you find mostly coming out of sophists, apologists, and the vanity and insanity of those who benefit. They call it the human condition. This specious reasoning or excuse is meant to leave you hopeless in your resistant to or fight against inequality and racism. It is very effective especially when it comes down to the “money over everything” concept, you will find widespread collusion with combatting it or even just calling it out. This is where I identify with your concept of colleagues of racism.

But there is always hope and it culminates over time. Sherry Kappel has highlighted many portions of your article as she may identify, become enlightened, or just relate to many instances and or concepts gleaned from your articulation of events. I have opined on them. This is hope. It is also an illustration of an overstanding of the issue, not just an understanding of them.

It is important not to look forward to some victory in this fight, it would not be logical nor will it or should it feel like one because we have lost so much in terms of lives and time. We can only look forward to this phenomena being a regrettable thing of the past. As you can see we are so far from making that a reality.

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It appears the more that I write the better I perceive.

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